Pet Sitting Lincoln

Having Fun at Home. In the Environment They're Used to.


Pet Sitting Lincoln

Having Fun at Home. In the Environment They're Used to.

When you hire us to look after your pets we don’t just make sure they’re fed and watered…

…While you’re away, we’ll be having our own mini adventure.

The kind where fun things happen, where we play and run around and act up.

We’ll play fun games with your cats, we’ll go on expeditions around your local area with your dogs, we’ll fuss your rabbits and have intelligent conversations with your parrot.

Or if they like the easy life, we can do that too.

We can go for relaxing strolls or curl up in front of the fire and just spend the days in the pleasure of each other company.

Your pets will have new best friends and while you’re away you can rest easy knowing that they’re having the best time ever.

Then, when you get in from work or arrive home from your holiday you’ll be greeted by your favourite fur babies, happy and content.

We’ll keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going and share our adventure with you.

The guilt and the stress you might have felt about leaving them in the kennels or catteries or strange places with unfamiliar people, unfamiliar sounds and smells will vanish. You’ll be happy to go away because you know they’re going to get the best care and have the best time with their new best friends.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Then why not book a FREE consultation with us?

We’ll come to meet you and your furries so you can tell us all about them and their quirks. You can tell us about their needs and what you expect from us. We can then tell you about us how we can help and see if we’re a good fit.

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What Our Customers Say…

The Reasons Why We’re Lincolns Most Popular Pet Care Company
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“I normally rely on neighbours so I was very apprehensive leaving my pets with someone else but there was no need.

Pet checkers where amazing. They kept in touch with me whilst we were on holiday. They even sent me photos.

On our return my cats looked relaxed and happy, a bit too happy to be honest we didn’t get a lot of fuss when we got home 🙂

My house was clean just as I’d left it. Will definitely be using them in future, and would highly recommend them.”

Linda Parker – Doddington Park, Lincoln