Pet Sitting Lincoln

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Pet Sitting Lincoln

Most people would agree with the saying, ‘There’s no place like home’.

Well guess what?

Your pets feel exactly the same!

Many pets find it difficult to adjust when they’re away from home – especially when you’re not there to reassure them that everything is OK.

Strange new surroundings, different food, loud noises and being surrounded by other animals can cause incredible stress to your loved ones.

Then there’s the risk of them picking up fleas, parasites and diseases.

All of which causes stress and anxiety for YOU.

Pet Checkers can take all that worry and stress away for both you and your pets by looking after them at home while you’re not there.

Whether it’s just for a day, a week, or a month, we will give them all the love, care and attention they need, keeping them in their routine.

We offer two types of pet sitting services;


‘Pop-in’ Pet Sitting

We will visit your pets based on a pre-arranged schedule that fits in with their needs and their routine.You tell us what you want done on each visit and we will make sure it gets done.

We can;

  • Walk your dog
  • Feed your pets
  • Clean their cages, litter trays and clean up any mess
  • Play with, fuss and give them all the time and attention they need
  • Bring in your post
  • Water your plants
  • Turn your lights on and off to give the impression that your home is being lived in


‘Live-in’ Pet Sitting

Our live in pet sitting is very popular because we give your pets round the clock love, care and attention while you’re away.

We look after them according their every day routine so they never experience loneliness. This service also offers the added benefit of your home’s security while you’re away.


Daily Pet Reports

As part of our pet sitting service we will provide you with a daily diary. So as well as receiving a daily text or email, we will also write a dairy for you to read when you get home.

It will be filled with each days events and we’ll let you know about our time together and all the fun things we get up to.

Our clients have told us they love to read these diaries – you will too!


Book Your FREE No Obligation Consultation

We know that you wouldn’t get ‘just anyone’ to come and look after your pets, which is why we offer a FREE, no obligation consultation.

This gives you the chance to meet us and see how we get on with your loved ones. We will show you our insurance certificates and criminal record checks and we can talk about what you and your pets need from us.

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