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Founded in 2013 Pet Checkers have been providing the highest quality pet care services in Lincoln for almost 5 years.

dog walking lincoln

Dog Walkers in Lincoln

We don’t do ‘regular’ dog walks, we do adventures!

We wander through the green woods and the golden fields of the Lincolnshire landscape or explore the winding cobbled paths of the ancient city.

And of course, if your dog likes the easy life we can do that too!

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dog grooming lincoln

Dog Grooming in Lincoln

We do everything from a quick tidy up to the full ‘capoodle’.

Providing a range of different dog grooming treatments, we use the highest quality products that will have your pooch looking and feeling their best.

All done in our custom built grooming salon.

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pet sitting lincoln

Pet Sitting in Lincoln

When you hire us to look after your pets we don’t just make sure they’re fed and watered…

…While you’re away, we’ll be having our own mini adventure.

The kind where fun things happen, where we play and run around and act up.

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Why Choose Pet Checkers?

What We Do Differently and Why Our Customers LOVE Us

There are several pet care companies in Lincoln, so what makes Pet Checkers so special and why choose us to look after your fur babies over anyone else?

Here are 3 reasons;

1-on-1 Care & Attention

Unlike other companies, we don’t do group dog walks or pet visits. This means your pets will always get our full and undivided love, care and attention as if they were our own.

Fully Insured & DBS Checked

All our staff have been through a thorough selection process. We have all passed a criminal record check and are fully insured and we’re happy to show the paperwork!

We Have a Code of Conduct

We have developed a code of conduct which means you and your pets get the best possible service and care. We call it called ‘PET’ and we stick to it.

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