petplan reviews
Dog HealthReviews
10th February 2017

PetPlan Reviews: Our 2017 Review of Pet Plan Pet Insurance

Recommended by 9-10 vets, PetPlan are the UK's leading provider of pet insurance and unlike other insurance companies like John Lewis or More Than, they only provide pet insurance - they specialise in it. As such, we have no problem in recommending them to our clients. Now we're not telling you to rush off a insure your pet through them. We…
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best vacuum for pet hair 2017
30th December 2016

Best Hoover For Pet Hair 2017: Find the Right Pet Hoover to Clean Your Hairy Home

We all love our pets but WOW, cleaning up their fur is a never ending battle - especially if you own a collection of pets. It gets everywhere! Your carpet, your furniture and your furnishings can get covered in it and it can be a real pain in the behind to clean up. What's a animal lover to do? Well, we decided…
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Best Harness For Running With Your Dog
Dog TrainingReviews
28th December 2016

Best Dog Harness For Running? Our Top 3 Recommendations

Your dog is quite possibly your best exercise partner. They love spending time with you and they’ve always got tons of energy to burn. In fact, some dogs are actually bred to run. Snow breeds like Huskies, hunting breeds like Beagles and working breeds like Labradors are some of the best dogs to run with. And let’s face it; Running…
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best no pull dog harness
Dog TrainingReviews
14th October 2016

Best No Pull Dog Harness: Reviews to Stop You Getting Pulled from Pillar to Lamp Post

Taking your dog for a walk should be a fun experience for every one involved but all too often we get pulled around as our dogs follow their noses and leap around to greet their fellow canines. If you walk your dog on a lead and collar or slip lead, this pulling can cause serious damage to their neck and throat. To avoid…
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Pet Insurance
Dog Health
20th July 2016

The Ultimate Pet Insurance Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Spending a Penny

We created this Ultimate Pet Insurance Guide because, as we're sure you'll agree... ...Many of us consider our pets as part of the family. Our fur-babies are just as prone to illness or injury as we are. So making sure they have access to top-notch pet care when they need it is really important. Unfortunately though, pet insurance doesn’t come cheap.…
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Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Dog Health
16th July 2016

Dogs Die in Hot Cars: The SHOCKING Facts and What to Do if You Find a Dog in Hot Car

We claim to be a nation of dog lovers. Yet, despite this, every year a countless number of dogs die in hot cars. Many of us seem happy to abandon our pooches, leaving them in our cars while we go about our daily business. Even in mild temperatures your car can become an oven, killing your four-legged friend at frightening…
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