Best Cat Litter: We Tested Them to Find Out

by Ben Doyle

As a pet care company, we spend a lot of time cleaning cat litter trays. Sometimes it’s quick and easy. There’s no smell and you can pick out the clumps with no faffing.

Other times though, it’s a pain in the ass!

The litter stinks and it turns to mush making it difficult to clean. Even worse, it sticks to your cat’s paws and it ends up all over the house.

So in a bid to make cleaning up after your cat a little easier, we decided to create a list of the best cat litter products.

Best Cat Litter: Our Top Picks

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How We Picked

The first thing we did was to have a look at the brands and types of cat litter our customers use. We also asked them what they like and don’t like about the litter they’re using.

After that we trawled the internet. We looked at different products on Amazon, Pets at Home and other online retailers. Then we spent hours and hours picking through online reviews before choosing.

That gave us 16 products to test with the help of our very own cat, Milo.

To find the best cat litter, we tested;

  1. Absorbency
  2. Clumping
  3. Odur control, and
  4. Tracking

As you can imagine, with the help of only one cat, testing took a bit of time!

Cat Litter Reviews: A Closer Look at Our Top Picks

The best litters were easy to scoop, locked in stinky smells, and didn’t end up all over the house.

Let’s have a closer look;

1. The World’s Best Cat Litter Review: Our Favourite

If you’ve got the audacity to call your product the world’s best, it better had be! But we found The World’s Best Cat Litter did in fact live up to its name.

It’s made from sustainably grown corn, not mined or drilled like clay litter. This has zero effect on how well it performs, but it is better for the environment.

Second, we found the porous makeup of corn means it does an excellent job of clumping trapping smells. As soon as Milo went for a wee, it clumped into an odour-free, easy-to-remove ball. The rest of the litter stays clean.

Third, it’s flushable (one lump at a time!) which means it’s super easy to dispose of.

Fourth, it’s 99% dust-free. Lots of cat litters are dusty which isn’t good for their respiratory system. No problem here.

And last, it doesn’t go everywhere. There is some tracking, there always will be but it doesn’t end up all over the house like some litters. That said, if your cat likes to kick litter out of their tray like Milo does, there’s not much you can do. Apart from buying a new litter tray.

The product we tested is perfect for up to two cats. They also do a multiple cat version which has an added ingredient to cope with the odour from several cats. They also make Lavender scented and Lotus Blossom scented versions.

2. Biokat’s Diamond Care Classic: The Best Clay-Based Clumping Cat Litter

biokat diamond care classic cat litter

We’re not going to lie. Biokat’s Diamond Care Classic isn’t cheap compared to other clay-based litters. That said, we believe it’s worth the extra cost.

It contains activated carbon (whatever that is!) which they say ‘effectively absorbs fluids and odours. In reality, the granules are small and clumped very well when Milo did his business.

The benefit of its clumping ability didn’t only make cleaning the tray easy. We also found we threw away far less clean litter than non-clumping types. So although it’s more expensive, it does last longer, so it’s much more economical.

There’s also the addition of Aloe Vera which is kind on your cat’s toes.

When we did our initial research, we did find a few complaints. Some people complained about it sticking to the bottom or the side of the litter tray. Also that it stuck to their cleaning scoops.

It happened to us too.

That said, we found it happened for 3 reasons;

  1. Make sure your litter tray is big enough for your cat: We found our litter tray was too small, so Milo was weeing down the inside of it. The wet clay welded itself to the side of the tray and clogged up the scoop which made cleaning up a nightmare. If you get your cat a bigger litter tray, they’ll we more in the middle.
  2. Put more litter in the tray: Like many people, we’ve never filled the tray too deep in an attempt to get more mileage out of the litter. Using this litter (and other clay-based litters) we found it was best to fill the tray to a good 3 – 3.5 inches of litter. This meant it could clump before Milo’s wee got anywhere near the bottom.
  3. Leave it a little while before removing the clumps: Wet clay is sticky and messy. So if Milo went for a wee, we waited for half an hour before cleaning it. This gave the clay time to clup and solidify which made picking it out dead easy. There was no issue with smell in leaving it for a while.

Once we got Milo a bigger tray, put more litter in it and waited a while before cleaning, we didn’t have those issues.

On the whole, we found the Biokat’s Diamond Care Classic did everything we wanted, well.

ben doyle

Ben Doyle

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