Best Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair: UK Reviews and Buyers Guide (2018 Update)

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best cordless vacuum for pet hair

In this article, we’re on a mission to find the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

It’s part of a series of articles we’re writing after getting countless questions from our clients as to which vacuum is the best a picking up pet hair. As pet carers, we never really thought we’d be asked to recommend vacuums but I suppose it makes sense.

Having our own dog grooming salon and spending 9 months of the year house sitting, we’re in the unique position of being able to use all kinds of vacuums. Some do a really good job. Others, not so much!

So with all that being said, let’s take a look at what we think is the best cordless pet vacuum.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Pet Hair: Our Top Picks

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Why Do I Need a Pet Vacuum Instead of a Normal One?

best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Did you know that 44% of UK homes have pets? And the pet population currently stands at a whopping 54 MILLION?

So pet hair (any hair in fact) and dander presents a very difficult problem to vacuums right across the UK.

If like us, you seem to spend your whole life hoovering your house only to find your carpets are still covered in hair, you’ll already understand this struggle!

The problem is, hair can become tangled into the fibres of the carpet when walked or stood on. Regular vacuums struggle to remove hair using only suction.

Pet vacuums have specific types of heads and attachments designed to drive brushes deep into the carpet to agitate the fibres and loosen the hairs. Only then can they be picked up by suction.

It’s not only pet hair in the carpet that causes problems in our homes. Pet dander and other airborne allergens can play havoc with some people’s immune systems. They can cause sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and in rare cases, anaphylactic shock.

If you use a traditional vacuum, these allergens are sucked up out of the carpet and blown out the back of your vacuum into the air. Pet vacuums have specific types of filters to prevent this from happening. They are called HEPA filters.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. To put it in basic terms, these filters are made from very fine mesh which is designed to trap allergens like pet dander and pollen.

Pet hoovers must catch 99.97% of these particles. If not, they can’t legally be called pet vacuums.

Should I Buy a Cordless Pet Vacuum or a Corded Model?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming ever more popular because they’re light. They weigh an average of just 3kg’s compared to an average of 7kg’s for a standard, corded vacuum.

Their light weight and the absence of a power cord means they’re super easy to use and you’re not prohibited by the length of the cable. They make hoovering the stairs and catching the cobwebs where the walls meet the ceiling a doddle.

Many models come with wall mounts so they can be stored away easily and this makes them the perfect ‘grab-and-go’ hoover.

Many manufacturers also make cordless vacuums specifically for pet owners. For example, Dyson has their ‘Animal’ range which they say are ‘engineered for homes with pets’.

They can have their drawbacks though…

…Firstly, due to that fact that they’re cordless, they run on batteries. This means you’ll generally have 15 – 40 minutes to get the cleaning done, sometimes 60 minutes depending on the model. If you use the high power or turbo mode, the battery life can be much less.

Secondly, with an average bin capacity of just 0.6 litres, the amount of dust and dirt they can hold is much smaller than a traditional vacuum which typically holds around 2-3 litres. This means you’ll spend more time emptying it which isn’t great if you have allergies.

So Should You Invest in a Cordless Vacuum?

It depends.

Many people have commented that cordless vacuums have changed the way they clean. Because they’re so easy to just grab and use, they now ‘clean on the go’ instead of deep cleaning every week like they used to.

So if you fancy spending 5 minutes here and there to clean up as you go, a cordless vacuum could be perfect for you. They also take up very little storage room so they’re an excellent choice if you’re stuck for space.

However, if you live in a big house with lots of carpets, or you prefer to hoover the whole house in one go, then a traditional corded vacuum would be a better option.

What to Look For in a Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Before going out and blindly buying a hoover, it’s worth considering what you expect from it in terms of ability and performance. That said, here are a few considerations;

Overall Cleaning Performance

Overall cleaning performance is the main concern.

If you have carpets, you’ll want a machine that’s powerful enough to disrupt the fibres and capture embedded dust and hair. Some cordless vacuums just don’t have the power to do it well. Others are very good.

Don’t have carpets? Then your vacuum needs to be able to hoover up any debris without pushing it around the floor.

Many homes have different floor types, so your vacuum will need to be able to perform across all of them. As well as have all the necessary attachments for cleaning upholstery and other hard to reach areas.

Looking at the technical specifications and reading independent reviews like this one will help you choose the best cordless hoover for your particular needs.

Battery Life

This was another major concern when we picked up a cordless vacuum for the first time. The battery’s runtime can be as short as 15 minutes on some cheaper models and as longs as 60 minutes if you’re willing to invest your cash for that kind of performance.

If you clean on the go or have a small apartment, 15 minutes run time might be all you need. If on the other hand, you want to clean the entire house in one go, you’ll need to invest in a machine with a longer battery life.

Effective HEPA Filtration

We’ve already discussed the importance of HEPA filters – especially if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies.

HEPA filters must catch 99.97% of allergens. If you’re looking at a pet vacuum that doesn’t have HEPA filters, avoid it.

Odour Filter

Not nearly as important a HEPA filter but it’s something that might be worth considering.

Some of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair also come with odor filters that absorb pet odours.

Dyson V8 Animal: The Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

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best cordless vacuum for pet harIt is the most expensive, but it is the best of the lot.

If the price isn’t an issue and you want the very best cordless vacuum for pet hair then look no further.

With its big motors, powerful suction and accessories the Dyson V8 Animal is the best of the lot.

Like all pet vacuums, it comes with a HEPA filter and you get 40 minutes of hoovering time from a full charge. If you use the power mode, you’ll get 25 minutes.

We have used it to great effect in all kinds of houses, but there are reviews, especially on Amazon that state 40 minutes isn’t enough time to get around the whole house.  But as we’ve already said, if you live in a really big house or have lots of carpets, we’d recommend you get an upright vacuum so you don’t run the risk of running out of charge.

What we really like about this machine is that it’ll turn into a small handheld vacuum. Combine that with the crevice tool and mini motorised head, getting embedded pet hair out of the stairs carpets, furniture and the car. At just 2.61kg it’s super light too so you can suck up the cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling really easily.

It comes with a 2-year guarantee from Dyson.

We LOVE the Dyson V8 animal. The only downside is the price. Apart from their V10 it’s the most expensive cordless pet vacuum out there. That being said, we believe it’s well worth it.

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Gtech Air Ram K9 mkII: And Excellent Cordless Pet Vacuum

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cordless pet vacuumThe GTECH Air Ram K9 mkII is a very popular cordless pet vacuum thanks to heavy TV advertisement.

With that being said it does come with a ton of 5-star customer reviews and is approved by Good House Keeping, and recommended by Trust Pilot.

It’s strong, lightweight, it moves easily between different floor types and it even comes with scented floral tabs inside the filter to remove any pet odours and leaves your room smelling fresh.

Like the Dyson, you get up to 40 minutes cleaning from a full charge and all the dirt is compressed into a capsule the head of the vacuum. It’s super easy to empty too.

The Air Ram K9 comes in 2 packages:

  • The Air Ram K9, or,
  • Air Ram K9 and K9 Multi.

The GTech Air Ram Multi is a handheld version of the cordless vacuum which we’d recommend for cleaning pet hair from your furniture and stairs.

At the time of writing there is a £100 between the K9 and K9 Multi which makes it more expensive than the Dyson and even with all its 5-star reviews, many users say they prefer Dyson’s suction and ‘all in one’ style.

You get the comfort of a 30-day guarantee when you order so if you’re not happy for any reason you’ll get a refund or exchange. On top of that GTech give you a 2-year guarantee against faults.

We think it’s a solid product!

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Bosch Athlet BHC6PETGB Animal: A Popular Cordless Vacuum for Pets

cordless pet vacuumThe Bosch Athlet BCH6PETGB is another very good cordless vacuum for pet hair.

It’s not as expensive as the Dyson or the Gtech which makes it a popular choice among pet owners.

The big advantage of this cordless pet vacuum is the 60 minutes run time. You get a full 20 minutes more than the other two models we reviewed. This gives you a much better chance of getting around the whole house in one go.

With its versatile head and 3 power settings, it performs very well across all floor types too so moving from carpet to laminate to tile isn’t an issue. It includes a Pro Animal Brush which is designed to agitate the carpets from deep down to dislodge any stubborn hair and dirt, which can be quickly removed for detangling or cleaning.

This cordless upright pet vacuum can also become a handheld with the use of an accessory kit. For us, it’s a bit of a weird way of doing it as you need to attach a strap to the vacuum and hang it over your shoulder. This makes hand-held cleaning more difficult than it needs to be. Also, when in hand-held mode it only has a bendy hose so sucking up the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling can’t be done without the use of a ladder (unless you’re really tall!).

As a cordless pet vacuum, the Bosch works really well with its 60 minutes of change and multi-floor cleaning. But if you want the ability to convert it to a simple to use handheld, we’d suggest another model.

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Final Thoughts

Cordless pet vacuums make cleaning up after your pets much more convenient than a traditional corded model. They don’t quite have the same level of suction but the best ones make up for this with brilliant brush bars and accessories.

So, if you’re looking the very best cordless vacuum for pet hair, the Dyson V8 Animal is hard to beat.

The Gtech Air Ram K9 mkII has over 50,000 5 star reviews so it’s obviously doing something right. It performs very well.

But if you’re on a budget or you don’t want to spend upwards of £300, the Bosch Athlet BCH6PETGB is a solid choice with its very good all surface performance. We just don’t think it’s great as a handheld.

So to recap, here are our top 3 best cordless vacuums for pet hair;

Very Popular Choice

Our Top PickMost Popular

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