Best Dog Harness For Running? Our Top 3 Recommendations

By 28th December 2016Dog Training, Reviews

Your dog is quite possibly your best exercise partner.

They love spending time with you and they’ve always got tons of energy to burn.

In fact, some dogs are actually bred to run. Snow breeds like Huskies, hunting breeds like Beagles and working breeds like Labradors are some of the best dogs to run with.

And let’s face it;

Running with your four-legged friend is much more fun than sweating it out in the gym!
So, if you want to make the most of running with your dog, you need the right equipment.

That includes the best dog harness for running, or dog running belt as they’re also known.

There are so many of these on the market and you could spend hours looking for one you like.

So we’ve saved you the time and listed our top 3 recommendations.

Best Dog Running Harness: A Quick Comaprison

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What to Look For in a Running Belt

There are a few things to consider when looking for a dog harness for running with your new exercise buddy.

There’s no real science here, it’s just about finding what’s comfortable and works for you and your dog.

Here are a few things to consider;

Hands Free, Or Not?

A hands-free dog running lead is a good idea in our opinion.

By wearing a lightweight belt and clipping a lead to it you’ll free up your arms which has 3 benefits;

  1. You can run more efficiently
  2. Your dog can run comfortably as you won’t be pulling on his neck every time you swing your arms
  3. You’ll keep your balance

These have become pretty popular in the running community because of the reasons mentioned above.


Durability is really important.

The last thing you want is your new running lead wearing out and snapping from any pulling and jerking. You don’t want to risk having your dog run off and even worse, causing an accident.

It’s true what they, you get what you pay for.

With that said, a good one won’t break the bank!


For you and your dog to be comfortable while out running you’ll want to be able to adjust the length of the lead and the width of the belt.

If you’re on the short side a shorter lead length is a good idea. But this is no good if you’re taller as a short lead length could choke your dog and make the whole experience unpleasant for both of you.

Being able to adjust the length of your lead will mean you can get it just right.

It also means you only have to buy one dog running lead set up, even if there are several runners in your house. It can be adjusted it to suit everyone.


You want to know you’ll be safe while out running so we recommend you have a set up that has some kind of reflective material incorporated so you will be visible when running in low light.

Then there’s the danger of being pulled over by your pooch.

A good dog running harness will have a shock absorbing lead that stretches if your running partner gets a little too excited. This will prevent and sudden pulling or jerking which can cause accidents or injury.

Our Top 3 Dog Running Harnesses

** These links will take you to so you can check prices and reviews

SATAZAN Canicross Dog Running Lead

Dog Running Lead AmazonThis is (in our view) the best dog harness for running.

It comes from SAYTAZAN and is made from tough, weather-resistant nylon and premium materials to withstand some of the toughest use from the most active of dogs.

The shock absorbing lead and belt are an inch wide for added strength. The belt is fully adjustable from 26 to 48 inches and the lead can expand from 48 to more than 70 inches which will absorb the force of really strong pulling.

The lead also features dual handles (one at either end) enabling you to guide your dog from your hip or from his collar for direct control.

The whole harness comes with 3 seams of reflective stitching making you and your pooch visible in darker conditions.

Attached to the best is a patch with 2 compartments which is big enough to comfortably hold the larger iPhones, keys or poo bags.

If it’s quality you’re after, this is our top pick!

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Trixie Hands Free Running Dog Lead

Dog Running HarnessThis is another good quality hands-free rig that comes with a fully adjustable shock absorbing lead that features a hand loop for regular leading.

It holds smaller dogs, up to 40kg.

The belt has a slightly bigger adjustable range, from 24 to 48 inches and features a patented rotating hook that the lead clips on to. This is designed to stop the lead twisting.

However, some customers do complain that the belt isn’t strong enough to comfortably cope with the pulling power of some big dogs, especially snow dogs like Huskies and Malamutes.

Two pouches come with the belt – one for a drinks bottle and the other for a phone, keys or poo bags. These have reflective strips attached so you can be seen in the dark but the lead doesn’t so you’ll have to make sure your pooch is visible with something else.

This belt is good for small to medium sized dogs.

It does have some nice features like the rotating lead hook and water bottle pouch but it doesn’t have the reflective strips on the lead, which we think is a must if you run in the dark winter evenings.

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Joyodelf Hands Free Dog Dunning Leash

best dog running belt

There is one thing this has going for it is price – it’s really cheap!

And taking the price into consideration, it’s a really good piece of kit.

The shock absorbing lead will handle dogs from 13kg to 45kg. It is quite short at 36 inches  to avoid tripping while you’re running but will stretch to 59 inches.

This helps avoid being jolted by pulling dogs.

The belt is easy to adjust all the way up to 48″ and the whole thing is trimmed with reflective stitching.

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Final Thoughts…

We’ve only included hands free dog running leads here because we believe they are the best way to go. They allow you to run without choking your dog and include safety features that help you keep them under control.

So if your pooch is your best exercise partner and you want to go running with them, we recommend you give one of these a try.

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