Best Dog Nail Clippers (UK) and Buyers Guide

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best dog nail clippers

After speaking with other dog groomers, asking the advice of our local vets and testing out several pairs for ourselves, we think the Professional Nail Clippers by Thunder Paws are the best dog nail clippers for most people.

Best Dog Nail Clippers: Our Top Picks

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Who Needs Dog Claw Clippers?

Nail clipping is a common part of dog grooming. Your dog’s claws should be clipped every 4-6 weeks. You’ll know it’s time for clipping when you can hear her claws tapping the ground when she walks.

If she spends a lot of time walking on concrete, this will naturally keep her claws short enough so you don’t have to clip her claws at all. But if she spends a lot of time on soft ground, you may need to clip more regularly.

If you take your dog to the groomer, they will normally clip them as part of the service but you can also clip her nails at home.

Unfortunately, most dogs hate having their feet messed with and clipping their claws can be awkward, but keeping them from growing too long is important.

You could take your dog to the vets to have her nails clipped but this can prove expensive (we all know how the vets like to charge!) and this couldn’t be covered under any pet insurance policy.

With all that being said, we believe that dog nail clippers should be part of every dog owners toolkit.

How We Picked

After considering what we use in our grooming salon and speaking to other groomers and our local vets it turned out we all had differing opinions on what we thought the best dog nail clippers are.

And that wasn’t the only thing we couldn’t agree on, we all had different ideas on what we thought was the best type of nail clipper.

There are 3 different types of nail clippers for dogs;

  1. Scissors
  2. Pliers
  3. Guillotine

What we could agree on though, was that most people don’t trim the nails of a dozen dogs a day. As a result, your nail trimmers will stay sharper for longer so we focussed our tests on the most popular type of dog nail clippers.


We had a look at what products were being offered by pet shops like Pets at Home, we looked on Amazon and also at companies that supply professional groomers.

Most of the marketplaces we looked at sold the same or very similar products. Some of the products were exactly the same, just with different logos.

Then we looked at reviews left by customers on Amazon and in-depth product reviews written by pet bloggers. Any products that were just plain cheap or had complaints of low quality were not considered for testing.

This left us with a grand total of nail clippers to test. They were;

  1. Thunder Paws Professional Dog Nail Clippers
  2. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Pliers 
  3. DigiFlex Dog Claw Clippers
  4. Rosewood Soft Protection Nail Clippers for Dogs
  5. Wagglies Professional Dog Nail Trimmers

How We Tested

Luckily, we’re in the perfect position to test dog nail clippers.

Vicki, co-owner of Pet Checkers and resident dog groomer was on hand to test out one pair a day over the course of a week.

To keep things fair, Vicki tested each pair of nail clippers on 4 dogs.

We unpacked them and felt them for quality and comfort before letting them loose on our customers…

Best for Meduim to Large Dogs: Thunder Paws Professional Nail Clippers

dog nail clippers

The Best Dog Nail Clippers For Medium to Large Dogs

Thunder Paws Professional Grade Dog Nail Clippers

  • Best-selling dog claw clippers
  • Safety features include claw clip and safety lock
  • Lifetime Guarantee

View it Here

When it comes to making your dogs pedicure quick and comfortable, we think the best dog nail clippers for most people are the professional grade ones from Thunder Paws.

Their ergonomically designed, rubber coated, non-slip handles made them comfortable to hold and confident to use.

The blades are made from stainless steel and are sharp which means we were able to clip claws quickly and easily in one smooth action. There as no forcing the cut and they didn’t crush or split the nail like some cheaper clippers can.

Quite often a dog’s nails can be sharp after they have been cut and would benefit from being filed to make them a bit smoother. Well’ inside the handle of these clippers, you’ll find a little nail file which comes in handy for removing those sharp edges.

The Thunder Paw clippers have a safety feature which makes cutting nails easy for dog owners who lack experience or the knowledge of how much nail to take off. They have a protective guard that you put the nail against. This prevents you from cutting off too much nail and damaging the quick underneath (the quick is inside of the nail that supplies blood).

best dog claw clippers

Another safety feature is the safety lock. When you’re not using them they can be locked shut so they can’t be used accidentally. Locking them shut also makes them smaller so they take up less room in the drawer.

If warranties are important to you, then you’ll also like their lifetime warranty. If you’re not happy with them or they break or don’t perform as you’d expect, they will issue a refund.

These clippers come very highly rated but that not to say they’re perfect.

Regular users claim the nail file comes out of the handle while clipping their dog’s nails and also that the nail file is too small for large dogs.

Some people have also complained about the safety guide. The complain that although they used it, they still cut the quick in their dog’s nails, causing them to bleed.

However, as dog groomers ourselves, experience tells us that this is because most owners don’t trim their dog’s nails often enough. As a result, the quick inside the nail gets longer and longer.

The more regularly you clip your dog’s nails, the shorter the quick will get and therefore you’ll have much less chance of making them bleed.

What we did notice though, was that they’re a little too big for small dogs. When you get then near small paws, it’s difficult to see what you’re doing.

Good For Small Dogs: Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Pliers

dog nail cutters

Good Nail Clippers For Small Dogs

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Pliers

  • Cut cleanly on small dogs
  • Good safety features

View it Here

The Millers Forge Stainless Steel Doggie Nail Clippers are a popular choice among groomers and vets.

During our test, they cut through the nail cleanly on small to medium sized dogs and we really liked them. Many chunkier clippers can get in their own way, in that they’re so big that block you from actually being able to see what you’re doing.

These didn’t. We could see what we were doing clearly.

However, they didn’t give us much confidence on bigger breeds. We tried them on a Doberman and we backed out as we felt we were trying too hard to get through the nail. So if you have a dog that is the size of a Labrador or bigger, we wouldn’t recommend this particular pair.

If you have a spaniel or smaller breed, then yes, we’d recommend them.

Safety features include a guide plate that prevents over trimming and safety lock.

It has to be said, they’re not super comfy to use but they do work well on smaller breeds.

Best Budget Choice: Rosewood Soft Protection Nail Clippers For Dogs

nail clippers for dogs

Our Budget Choice: Cheap But Good

Rosewood Soft Protection Nail Clippers For Dogs

  • Simple in design
  • Easy to use
  • Really cheap

View it Here

Considering the fact that these Rosewood Soft Protect Salon Grooming Nail Clippers are less than £5, they’re not bad!

They’re comfortable, easy to use and they cut cleanly. but again, they didn’t give us confidence on large breeds with thicker nails and we went back to the Thunder Paws clippers for the

But again, they didn’t give us confidence on large breeds with thicker nails so we found ourselves choosing to use the Thunder Paws clippers for the bigger dogs.

They also lack the cutting guard which prevents you from cutting off too much nail. If you feel you need that feature, then these clippers might not be for you.

Despite surprising us at just how well they did it our test, we do question how they will stand the test of time. As a result, they’re not a pair we’d use in our grooming salon on a regular basis.

With that being said, they are a hugely popular choice among regular dog owners who bought them on Amazon and they are rated very highly.

The Competition

The other two dog nail clippers we tested were the Wagglies Professional Dog Nail Trimmers and the Digiflex Nail Clippers for Dogs.

Let’s start with the Wagglies…

Don’t be fooled by the nearly perfect reviews on Amazon. When we tried to clip the nails of a Black Labrador we felt so much flex in the handle that we thought they were going to snap.

Upon further research, we found that several customers had already complained about the same thing. Some even posting pictures in Amazon’s review section of broken handles.

The damage you could cause to your dog’s foot if the handle snaps and you slip…

…The thought makes us squirm. So we definitely DO NOT recommend these nail clippers.

And that leaves us with the Digifelx Dog Claw Clippers.

We found the blades to be really thin and quite flimsy. As a result, after only a few uses they became bent and wouldn’t close properly rendering them pretty much useless.

The quality of the metal used for the blades also makes us question how quickly they would blunt over time (if they don’t bend first).

Another pair to avoid!

Our 3 Choices for Best Dog Nail Clippers

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