Best Dog Poop Bags: 3 Bags That’ll Make Poo Picking Less, YUCK!

By 17th June 2017Product Reviews
best dog poo bags

We think you’ll agree when we say that picking up your dog’s mess isn’t the most fun part of taking him out for a walk.

Still, it’s a necessary job and if you get caught not cleaning up after your dog you can expect a hefty on the spot fine.

Using the best dog poop bags you can find will make the job of poop scooping a little more bearable – trust us on this!

As a company that spends time with roughly 400 dogs a week, we have used literally hundreds of different products and yes, we’ve been covered in poo when bags split – it’s no fun.

Who said pet care was a glamorous job?!

This lead us to think, who makes the best dog poop bags?

Best Dog Poop Bags: Our Top Picks

After speaking to dog owners and fellow pet care experts, reading online reviews and testing these products out for ourselves, we think we’ve found the best dog poop bags you can buy.

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1. Scot-Petshop Doggy Dirt Bags

biodegradable poop bagsThese in our opinion are the best dog poop bags.

We use them in our business every day because they do all the important things really well.

They’re thick enough so you don’t have to feel what you’re picking up in minute detail and they’re strong enough to give you the confidence that they won’t split while carrying them to the waste bin.

One of the most important things a dog poop bag can do is to hide the site and smell of its contents. While these bags aren’t fully opaque, they’re not completely see through either so you don’t have to worry about showing passers-by what you’re carrying.

Being able to smell what your pooch has left you is also no fun and despite being scent free, these dog poop bags were among the best we tested at containing the stink.

They come in a sensible size too. At 18cm wide x 28cm long they big enough to hold most poos.

The handles not only make carrying the bags easy but tying them up too – bags without handles can be difficult to tie, especially while you’re wearing gloves in cold weather but there’s no such problem with these.

If you’re conscious of the environment you’ll be happy to know that these dog poo bags feature EPI technology. In plain English, this means they are biodegradable and will break down in as little as 18 months.

A downside to these dog waste bags is that they’re not rolled up and won’t fit into a dispenser. We don’t personally like rolls of poo bags as they can split when being detached from the roll but we know of people who prefer them.

If you prefer rolled up, dispensable poo bags, you might want to consider one of our other options.

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2. Pogi’s Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

biodegradable dog poop bagsPogi’s biodegradable dog poop bags are another good choice, especially if you find yourself frustrated at not being able to tie your normal bags.

Their easy tie handles make sealing the bag super easy once it’s tied shut, you can easily carry it to the waste bin.

Again, they come in a decent size at 18cm x 37cm they will accommodate the largest of specimens.

They’re reasonably thick and strong too so you can pick up your dogs’ mess without fear that the bag will break.

Like the Scot-Petshop these dog waste bags are slightly see through but not so much that everyone can see what you’re carrying.

There are a couple of drawbacks…

They don’t come on rolls (doesn’t bother us) so if you like a dispenser consider Pogi’s Rolls of Dog Waste Bags. Just be aware that they don’t have the easy tie handles so tying them can be a pain.

Another downside (as far as we’re concerned, you might like it) is that these are scented. Whoever thought making dog poo smell Powder Fresh was a good idea needs their sense of smell looking at! To us, it just doesn’t work.

But they are biodegradable so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet when you use them.

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3. PooBagsDirect Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

best dog poo bagsLike the Doggy Dirt Bags, Poo Bags Direct Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags do the important things well.

They’re reasonably thick and really strong so you can pick up and carry with confidence, and they’re fully opaque which means no one will be able to see the nastiness of what you’re carrying.

These poop bags also do a very good job sealing in the smell. They’re scentless so you won’t have to suffer the perfumed poo smell like you get from the Pogi’s. Bork!

If you like rolled up, dispensable dog poo bags, these work really well. They come with the dispenser and they’re really easy to separate from the roll and because the bags are text and image heavy, it’s obvious which end is the open end.

They’re a decent size for most dogs at 23cm wide x 33cm long and again, they’re biodegradable.

We really like these poo bags apart from, and this is common with dispensable dog poop bags  – they don’t have handles. This can make tying the bags trickier than it needs to be, especially if it’s cold and you’re wearing gloves.

That being said, we have spoken to several people who say they prefer bags without hands because they cover the hand better, although we’ve never found that to be a problem.

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Why You Need Dog Poop Bags

Dogs poo, it’s a fact.

You might think it’s OK to leave dog poo hanging around in your own back lawn but remember, it doesn’t just dry up and disappear., it gets washed by the rain contaminating soil, run-off, and even the water supply.

Some people think dog poo is just a fertilizer like horse manure but it’s not. Dog waste can contain Hookworms, Parvo and Salmonella and can cause horrific infections like Toxocariasis, caused by Roundworm parasites.

As such you have a moral and legal responsibility to clean up after your dog.

Picking up dog poop is no fun though so naturally, we want it to be as quick, hygienic and as fuss free as possible and that’s why you need dog poop bags.

What to Look For in the Best Dog Poo Bags

The main thing a dog poo bag needs to do well is pick up your dogs’ mess with no leaks or mishaps. This means it should be relatively strong.

Ideally, it will be easy to separate one bag from another and easy to open, no matter if they come boxed or on a roll. Picking up after your dog should be relatively quick, not awkward and frustrating.

Thickness is also something to consider – as a pet care company we spend our days picking up poo and there’s nothing more nauseating than being able to feel the heat and texture of your dog’s poo in high definition.

A good dog poop bag will also be easy to tie shut. No only to avoid leakage but to prevent the smell of ‘eau de dog turd’ escaping from that bag and drifting up your nose.

It should hide the contents too – no one wants to walk past you and see poo smeared up the inside of a bag!

Beyond these essential considerations, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Do you want scented dog poop bags to cover up the smell? Our tests found that mixing powder fresh scents with poo just made the whole experience of picking up dog waste that much worse. But you might prefer it.

You might also be environmentally conscious and prefer to use biodegradable bags – we like to do our bit for the planet so all the bags in our top picks are biodegradable.

Best Dog Waste Bags: Our Top Picks

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