Best Dog Supplies and Product Reviews

Oftentimes we bring a dog into our lives and we don’t anticipate just how many dog supplies and services you will buy for him throughout his life.

Toys, treats, food, crates, beds, pet insurance, leads and training aids – there is a plethora of dog supplies available on the market. Some of these products work well, some not so well – and some are downright dangerous!

Part of what we do is review these dog supplies and services so you can be sure you’re getting the very best for your money.

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Full Disclosure

When you buy any products or services through our recommendations, we may get paid a small commission.

Wherever possible we will buy and test the products we review. The commissions we take cover the cost of;

  • Buying these products
  • The time it takes to test and review them
  • Keeping the Pet Checkers website online
  • And improving our business as a whole.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is one of the first things that need to be considered when you bring a dog home.

The insurance industry as a whole doesn’t have the best reputation so we’ll be getting quotes, gathering customer reviews, looking through the findings of consumer reports etc. to find the best pet insurance policies.

Essential Dog Supplies: What Every Dog Owner Should Have

There are certain things every dog and dog owner should have.

From dog poop bags to leads and dog beds to food, we aim to test and review these products to find the very best.

Dog Training Supplies

Training your dog can be made easier with certain tools.

The right dog training equipment can make training much easier but use the wrong thing (like prong collars) and training can be a nightmare, not only for you but your pooch too.

Here we discuss this different types of dog training equipment, the good and the bad.

Dog Grooming Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you take your dog to the groomers or groom your dog yourself at home, or if you want to set up a dog grooming business…

…We have reviewed all kinds of dog grooming products, not only highlighting the best products, but we tell you which ones to avoid.

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

We all love our dogs but WOW, they can leave a hell of a mess in their wake and cleaning up after them is a never-ending battle.

In this section, we’ll be reviewing all kind of pet safe cleaning products. From pet vacuums to detergents for mopping up their accidents and everything in between.