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best no pull dog harness

Taking your dog out for a walk should be fun.

Instead, many dog owners suffer the indignity (and pain) of being pulled around by their dogs as they pick up a scent, chase the birds or greet their canine buddies.

This pulling doesn’t just cause pain and embarrassment for you, it can do serious harm to your dog.

Especially if you walk him or a leash and collar, or even worse, a slip lead!

To combat this very common issue, many pooch parents go out and buy their dog a new harness…

…And the pulling gets even worse.

So what’s the answer?

Well, in this article we’re going to show you (what we think is) the best no pull dog harness.

In fact, we’ve tested five different harnesses and narrowed them down to our top three.

Best No Pull Dog Harness: Our Top Picks

We’ve spoken with manufacturers and everyday users, we’ve called on our own experiences, gathered the thoughts of dog trainers and actually tested these products ourselves in our attempt to find the best no pull dog harness.

Update: 29th March 2018

In October 2017 we were approached by a company called Embark Pets and they asked us to review their Adventure Harness. They were in the middle of updating and improving their current offering and asked us to try out their 2.0 version.

This has replaced the Ruffware Harness as our best upgrade. We think it is just as good but it’s also around 25% cheaper too.

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Who Needs a Non Pull Dog Harness?

Anti-pull dog harnesses are an excellent tool to use when training your dog to walk properly on the leash.

If you’ve tried and failed to train your dog on a standard lead and collar then consider investing in one. Many owners have stated that walking became easier as soon as they put the harness on their dog.

With that being said, even the best no pull dog harness isn’t a magic bullet to perfect lead manners. They’re not a replacement for good leash training, they should be used in conjunction with a leash training program.

How We Picked

We had a good rummage through online marketplaces like and Pets at Home to see how many models of anti-pull harnesses were available and found nearly 30.

A lot of them were very similar and had the same features with the only noticeable differences being the logos.

Next, we looked in depth at reviews left by dog owners and considered the recommendations of popular pet bloggers. Any harnesses that were really cheap and had complaints of breaking or malfunctioning, we dropped.

In order to even be considered in our tests, the harnesses had to be;

Front (or Chest) Led

If your dog pulls when you’re out walking, a standard dog harness often makes the problem worse.


Well, most dog harnesses are designed to have the leash attached to the back, right where all of your dogs’ pulling power is. So you essentially anchor yourself to all of your dogs’ strength, making the pulling even worse.

Walking even small dogs can be a miserable experience if you use the wrong harness. Imagine walking a dog that was bred for pulling like a Husky – trust us, it’ no fun!

On the other hand, chest led no pull harnesses significantly reduce the amount of pulling, making your walks more comfortable.

The best no pull dog harness has a loop on the chest and also one on the back where you can attach both ends of a training leash. This enables you to steer your dog, making him much easier to control. Whenever he pulls, he’ll just circle round, right back to you.


We believe all dogs should be walked without fear of doing something wrong or suffering pain and discomfort.

With that being said, anything with the word ‘prong’‘choke’, ‘shock’, ‘squeeze’ or ‘tighten’ in the description of how the harness worked was immediately dropped.

Not only do we consider these methods inhumane, but they can also make pulling even worse as your dog tries to escape the fear, discomfort or pain.

High Quality

The quality of the product was an important factor in our tests.

As no pull harnesses are made for dogs that pull (duh!), they need to be able to withstand the stresses your dog will inflict on them.

A poor quality product won’t only cost you more money in the long run, but you could find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation if it fails and you lose control of your dog.

How We Tested

hugo, the dog we tested the harnesses onTo help us in our test we enrolled Hugo, an 11-month-old Yellow Labrador.

Hugo may look like butter wouldn’t melt but he is a real challenge to walk. He’s a big lab at over 30 kilos and has had no formal lead training.

As a result, he pulls like an ox!

This made him the perfect helper.

We walked Hugo over the course of 5 days for an hour each day. We mixed up the routes so he didn’t get used to the same sights, sounds, and smells.

We met different dogs, different people and encountered different situations.

Before each walk, we put a harness on Hugo and took note of how comfortable it felt, how easy it was to put on and adjust.

During the walk, we found out how well the harness worked in terms of the level of control it gave us.

When Hugo pulled he tested how strong anchor points were (the part where to lead attaches to the harness), and the amount of movement or rubbing that occurred.

Best Dog Harness For Most People: The Fit into Everyway Front Range No Pull Dog Harness

no pull dog harness reviews

The Best No Pull Harness For Most People

Fit into Everyway Front Range Dog Harness

  • Best-selling no pull dog harness
  • Front and back leash attachments give you ultimate control
  • Available in 3 colours

View it Here

At around £20 less than our runner-up, the Fit into Everyway Front Range No Pull Dog Harness is excellent.

It comes in 3 colours so not a huge range to choose from.

But when we unpacked it we could feel that it was going to be a sturdy harness, it does feel well made.

The harness itself is simple enough to adjust but it was much easier to do it while it was in our hands. It wasn’t so easy to do while Hugo was wearing it.

The outer layer of the chest and belly panels are made from a strong, scratch resistant material. The inner layer is made from a comfortable sponge covered with a soft mesh.

We were really surprised to see the change in Hugo’s demeanor when we put the harness on him. We can’t be sure why but our guess is that this was a calming effect, similar to that provided by ThunderShirts, with the slight pressure over a large area of a dogs body providing a calming effect.

As a result, he was much easier to control while we were out walking.

The harness features 2 leash attachments – one on the chest panel and another on the back. They are made from a strong zinc alloy which should stand up to the strongest of pulling.

Hugo tested these out for us when he picked up a scent and tried to pull us as he tracked it. But by keeping the tension on the end of the lead which was attached to his chest, we were able to easily circle him back to us. Ordinarily, we would have struggled to stop him.

Another really useful feature is the handle on the back of the harness. You can grab hold of it to keep your dog really close or use it to help your dog jump into the back of the car. You can even thread your seat belt through it to fasten him in!

As convenient as these types of handles are though, we advise against grabbing hold of them if your dog is reactive and jumps and spins around. This can happen quickly and if you’re not really careful it could potentially twist your arm, to the point of it breaking.

Trust me, I’m speaking from experience! Although I have to say it wasn’t with this particular harness, the chances of it happening are the same.

There’s lots of reflective trim with reflective piping on the back panel and also reflective stitching in the adjustment straps. As a result, your dog will be plenty visible in low light or by the roadside.

As is the case with many dog harnesses, some people (although not many) have complained about the harness not fitting their dog properly. Some have said the harness rotates around their dog’s body, others say it can bunch up while out walking and some people have reported the adjustments straps loosening.

We can attest to the harness rotating slightly but that was only when Hugo tried to pull. In our experience, all harnesses do rotate to a certain extent. No harness is completely rigid and on the whole, it worked perfectly.

It’s important for us to mention at this point that sometimes a particular harness might not fit a particular dog. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes which makes it difficult for a manufacturer to come up with a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Sometimes you might just need to find something that fits better.

Our Upgrade Pick: Embark Pets Adventure Harness

emabark harness for dogs that pull

Upgrade Pick: Best Harness For Long Walks and Hikes

Embark Pets Adventure Harness

  • Comfortable, everyday harness
  • Padded chest and belly panel for good load dispersion
  • Two leash attachment points for ultimate control

View it Here

At around 25% cheaper than our previous choice for the best upgrade option, the Ruffware All Day Adventure Harness, the Embark Pets Active Harness is, in our opinion, just as good.

When we unpacked it we were impressed by how well made it felt considering the price difference. You can feel the quality of the materials they have used.

Adjusting the harness to fit your dog is easy, providing you make the adjustments while your dog isn’t wearing it. You can adjust while your dog is wearing it but it does become trickier.

The back and belly panels feel soft and comfortable yet provide good load dispersion. If your dog does pull, the pressure is spread over a larger area, not just on the neck.

Just like the Fit into Everyway harness, we noticed Hugo’s calmer demeanor when we put the harness on him, which made for a more pleasant walk. Hugo looked the most comfortable in the Embark harness and because it is so comfortable, this is the harness we’d recommend if you take your dog on long treks and hikes.

When Hugo did pull, we were able to control him easily thanks to the two leash attachments. A metal V-Ring on the back of the harness and another, very strong metal ring on the chest panel. The lead anchor point on the chest is meant for training your dog, not everyday load bearing.

As we said, we noticed a change in Hugo’s demeanor when we put the harness on him and the level of pulling instantly decreased. That said, a few customers have complained that the harness didn’t ease the pulling at all.

In our opinion though, this is a result of an owner not taking the time to train their dog to walk properly. Choosing instead to use the harness as the solution to the problem, which it isn’t.

The harness features reflective trim which makes your dog visible in low-light environments and if we’re being picky we would have liked to have seen a bit more.

Just like our first pick, some owners have complained that the harness doesn’t fit their dog properly.

As we’ve already mentioned though, not every harness will fit every dog. Sometimes you might just have to choose an alternative. That said, Embark do provide an instructional video that shows you exactly how to fit the harness to make sure you get it right.

Halti Harness Review: Best Budget Choice

halti harness non pull dog harness

Our Budget Choice: Cheap But Good

Halti Harness

  • Simple in design
  • Easy to fit
  • Really cheap

View it Here

When you consider the cheap price of this anti-pull dog harness, it’s a good product from an established brand.

Halti are more known for their head collars but the Halti Harness features the lead attachment so you can control your dog from his chest instead of his head.

It comes in just one colour, and there are 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

It is very basic in design and as a result, very easy to fit and use. As with all the harnesses we tested, it’s easier to adjust while it’s in your hands.

We didn’t see the same calming effect that we saw with the Ruffware and Fit into Everyway harnesses and Hugo was more ‘pully’ as a result. It did look comfortable due to the way it fits on the body, it doesn’t move around much so when Hug did pull, he just spun right around.

Although we didn’t experience it, come customers complain about the Halti Harness chafing and causing sore areas on their dogs. At the same time, other users say it fits really well and doesn’t rub at all.

With that being said, some people are guilty of not using it correctly and that has led to rubbing and little improvement in the way of pulling!

One customer who bought this harness on Amazon wrote a very negative review about the Halti Harness only to realise she wasn’t using it properly. She has since changed her review to a five star (Click here to read her review).

So if you invest in this harness, make sure you read the instructions!

View it Here on

The Competition

The other three harnesses we tested were the Petsafe Easy Walk Harness, the Walk your dog with love harneess and the Ruffware All Day Adventure Harness.

The PetSafe harness is a popular choice on Amazon but when we tested it we were put off by 3 things;

  1. It didn’t provide that calming effect that we got from the Fit into Everyway and the Ruffware harnesses.
  2. It is a chest led harness only. There is nowhere to attach a lead on the back so although walking Doofy was easier than it was on a harness with only a leash attachment on the back, it didn’t give us ultimate control.
  3. There was a lot of movement around the chest area and the loop pulls all the way around Hugo’s front leg which rubbed some of his fur away. Other people have also complained of this.

The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness was more friendly on Hugo’s fur but there is only one lead attachment on the chest and nothing on the chest meaning so we couldn’t steer him in the same way we could with our top picks.

As a result, we wouldn’t recommend either of these harnesses.

The Ruffware harness is a very good harness and it was our choice for best upgrade. The only reason it’s been replaced is that we think Embark Pets give you just as much harness and quality for a lower price.

How to Measure Your Dog For a New Harness

The complaint we heard time after time while we conducting our research was ‘the harness didn’t fit my dog properly’.

As we’ve discussed multiple times in this article, not every harness will fit every dog. It’s impossible for manufacturers to create a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

However, many people choose the wrong size of harness for their dog in the first place by choosing a size based on their dogs’ weight. You’re much more likely to get the right size by taking your dogs measurements.

This infographic from Kurgo shows you how to measure your dog for a new harness.

how to measure your dog for a no pull harness

Our 3 Favourite No Pull Harnesses

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