The Best No Pull Dog Harnesses: 3 Products That Actually Work

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Taking your dog out for a walk should be fun.

Instead, many dogs haul their owners around as they pick up a scent, chase birds or greet their canine buddies.

Not only can this pulling cause pain and embarrassment for you, but it can also do serious harm to your dog. Especially if you walk him or a leash and collar, or even worse, a slip lead!

To combat this very common issue, many pooch parents go out and buy their dog a new harness.

And the pulling gets even worse.

So what’s the answer?

Well, in this article we’re going to show you (what we think is) the best no pull harness.

Best No-Pull Harness: Our Top Picks

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness: Best Selling

rabbitgoo dog harness

Comfortable Fit For Your Dog

Front & Back Clips For Better Control

Sturdy Top Handle For Close Control

4 Adjustment Points For a Better Fit

12 Colours Available

Embark Pets Adventure Harness: An Excellent Upgrade

embark pets dog harness

Designed to Protect Your Dogs Trachea

Made From Ripstop Nylon with Re-Enforced Stitching

Easily Adjustable For a Perfect Fit

Heavy Duty Buckles

Available in 4 Colours

Halti Front Control Harness: A Good Budget Choice

halti front lead dog harness

Front & Back Clips For Full Control

High-Quality Nylon Webbing For Strength

Front Clip Attaches to Collar For Added Safety

How We Picked The Best Harness For Dogs that Pull

We wanted to see how many types of anti-pull harnesses were available and found around 30.

A lot of them were very similar. Most had the same features with the only noticeable differences being the logos.

Next, we looked at reviews left by dog owners and the recommendations of dog trainers. Any harnesses that were cheap and had complaints of malfunctioning, we dropped.

For us to even consider a harness in our tests, the harnesses had to be;

Front (or Chest) Led

If your dog pulls when you’re out walking, a standard dog harness often makes the problem worse.

This is because the lead attachments on most dog harnesses are on the back. Usually right above their shoulders where all your dogs’ pulling power is.

Walking even small dogs can be a miserable experience if you use the wrong harness. So imagine anchoring yourself to the shoulders of a dog bred for pulling like a Husky.

Trust us, it’s no fun!

Chest-led harnesses reduce the pulling in a big way, making your walks more comfortable.

The best anti-pull harnesses have a loop on the chest and also one on the back. This means you can attach a double-ended training lead to both loops, giving you proper control. Whenever they pull, you can steer them right back around to you.


All dogs should enjoy their walks. They shouldn’t ever fear doing something wrong or suffering pain and discomfort.

We immediately dropped anything with the words ‘prong’, ‘choke’, or ‘shock’, in the description.

These methods are inhumane. Not only that, but they can also make pulling even worse as your dog tries to escape the fear, discomfort or pain.

High Quality

The quality of the product was an important factor in our tests.

As no pull harnesses are made for dogs that pull (duh!). They need to be able to withstand the stresses your dog will inflict on them.

A poor-quality harness will only cost you more money in the long run. Buying cheap is a false economy. Not only that but you could find yourself in a dangerous situation if it fails and you lose control of your dog.

Only quality products allowed!

Non-Pull Harness Reviews: A Closer Look At Our Top Picks

We’ve spoken with manufacturers and interviewed everyday users. On top of that, we’ve called on our own experiences, gathered the thoughts of dog trainers. Then, we actually tested these products ourselves.

Here’s a closer look at our top picks.

1. Rabbitgoo Anti-Pull Dog Harness Review: A Popular Choice For Most People

rabbitgoo no pull harness review

For everyday walking and training, the Rabbitgoo no-pull dog harness is our top pick. In fact, it’s the one we recommend to most of our clients.

You wouldn’t exactly call it expensive but it’s well-made and very sturdy. Even for bigger, stronger dogs.

Putting it on is easy, it goes over your dog’s head, clip the straps up and you’re ready for your walk. The air-padded, breathable sponge on the inside of the chest and back panels make it comfy to wear.

A hardy, weather-resistant material covers the outer layer of the panels. This makes it perfect for use in any season. It’s scratch-resistant too, so if your pooch likes to rough and tumble in it, it’ll stand up to the wear.

What surprised us most about this harness was the change in the demeanour of the dogs we tested it on. We found that most dogs (not all) calmed down as soon as we put the harness on them. We can’t be sure why but our guess is that this was a calming effect, like that provided by ThunderShirts. The slight pressure over your dog’s body often provides a calming effect. This results in a calmer dog who pulls much less.

It has two zinc-alloy lead attachments – one of the chest panel and the other on the back. They’re strong enough to cope with any pulling. If you clip your lead to the chest panel, the tension caused by pulling will circle your dog back to you. This gives you much more control over any pulling.

The handle on the back of the harness is perfect for getting hold of your dog in an emergency for instant control.

And it has reflective stitching on the straps so your dog will be plenty visible when walking at night.

We like this harness a lot.

2. Embark Pets Adventure Harness Review: An Excellent Upgrade For Adventurous Dogs

embark pets all day adventure harness review

Do you like to take your dog on long, adventurous hikes? Then the Embark Pets Adventure Harness is fantastic.

It’s not only for adventuring in either. You can use it as an everyday harness.

The harness is super-lightweight and designed to allow free movement without rubbing or discomfort. The design of the padding around the neck protects your pooches throat if they do get their pull on. You can take your pooch on the longest of hikes and they’ll be comfortable the whole time. No matter what they get up to.

Made from military-grade ‘no-rip nylon’, it’s built to last. In fact, the harness exceeds the national pulling strength guidelines by 130lbs. You could attach it to an ox to pull a plough it’s that strong! And if you need close control, the top handle allows you to get hold of your dog.

We’ve been recommending the Adventure Harness since 2018. Since then, Embark pets have improved the design. They have redesigned the front D-ring lead attachment for better safety and durability. Plus, longer straps provide for better an even better fit.

All this makes for a harness that not only works super well as a non pull training harness (we found it had the same calming effect as the Rabbitgoo harness). But you can take that training with you on the longer hikes.

3. Halti Front Control Harness Review: A Good Budget Choice From a Well Known Brand

halti front control harness review

If you’re on a budget then the Halti Front Control Harness is a good, popular harness.

It’s pretty basic in design and as a result, very easy to fit and use. That said, it doesn’t have the same calming effect as the other two harnesses on this list. We’re assuming that because it’s a series of straps instead of padding that covers a large area of a dog’s body. As a result, we found the dogs we tested it on were more ready to pull.

That said, it does do a good job of circling the dags back around when they do try to pull. So keeping them under control was pretty easy.

Like the other two harnesses on this list, the Halti has a chest attachment as well as one on the back. We found it was best used with their matching, double-ended training lead. Which, when bought together with the harness is still cheaper than the others on this list.

For added safety, the front of the harness has a clip that attaches to your dog’s collar. So no matter what happens, you’ll always be able to maintain control.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, even the best dog harness in the world won’t replace proper lead training. If your dog is going to pull, they’re going to pull, regardless of what type of harness they’re wearing.

Anti-pull harnesses are designed to make your dog more controllable if and when they do pull. Which in turn, makes lead training easier.

Don’t expect them to be a magic bullet solution.

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