Dog Christmas Presents: 15 Gift Ideas Your Dog Will Love

By 16th October 2017Product Reviews
dog christmas presents

Our dogs are there to brighten our days all year round so it’s natural to want to include them on the gift list when Christmas rolls around.

The problem is coming up with ideas for dog Christmas presents that are more original than a stocking.

So if you want to spoil your canine companion this year, here is a list of 15 Christmas gifts for dogs.

No matter what your budget is, we’ve included presents that cost less than a fiver, all the way up to, well, you’ll see!

Either way, you’ll be sure to find something to make your pooches howliday pawfect (see what we did there?)

15 Christmas Presents for Dogs

Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Biscuit Collection for Dogs (£19.95)

christmas presents for dogsWho doesn’t love a biscuit at Christmas?!

Well, now your pooch can join in with the festive treats with their very own biscuit collection made by Lily’s Kitchen.

Inside this collectible treats tin, you’ll find a selection of all natural, good for your dog biscuits. Your dog will enjoy some of his favourite flavours as well some brand new ones, including Lily’s Kitchen’s special Christmas Gingerbread Dogs.

Other goodies include; Turkey with Cranberry Biscuits, Organic Bedtime Biscuits, Rise and Shine Baked Treats, Giant Organic Cheese and Apple Training Treats, Salmon Shortbread Fingers, Whitefish and Seaweed Rusks, and Fishy Tumeric Bites

Definitely, a present your dog live love sniffing out from under the tree!

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PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher (£134.99)

automatic ball launcherYour pooch is going to have the best time playing Fetch with this Automatic Ball Launcher from PetSafe.

It’s water resistant, has 9 distance settings ranging from 8ft to 30ft. It also has 6 angle settings, so it’s perfect for using indoors or outdoors.

Just teach your dog to drop a tennis ball into the top (it comes with two) and the machine plays a tone to keep your dog’s attention. After a few seconds, the ball is launched for him to chase.

It has a couple of important safety features too;

  • Motion sensors on the front to detect and protect people/pets.
  • Automatic rest mode kicks in after 15 minutes to make sure your dog doesn’t get overworked.

This is a really fun machine that both you and your dog will love.

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Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration (£7.99)

christmas gifts for dogsPresented in a velvet lined gift box, these Christmas tree decorations are a beautiful little gift you can get for your furry loved ones.

Not only are these decorations perfect for including your dog in the festivities, they’re a precious keepsake and perfect for remembering them at Christmas when they’re no longer with you.

We think these are lovely!

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Lily’s Kitchen Three Bird Feast for Dogs (£19.99)

dog christmas present

Here’s another entry from Lily’s Kitchen.

Does your pooch stare are you with her big brown puppy dog eyes when you’re eating your Christmas Dinner?

Well, now she can join in on the festivities with her very own Three Bird Feast.

Made with succulent freshly prepared turkey, goose and duck, paired with cranberries and parsnips, Lily’s Kitchen have created a super tasty Christmas meal your four-legged friend will love tucking into alongside the whole family.

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Drôle de Panier by Sabanah, Luxury Dog Bed (£1,695.00)

luxury dog bedUpon first glance, this dog bed might look that impressive and it’s hard to do it justice with an image. But when you see it in real life, WOW!

This incredible dog bed is super high end.

Its name, “Drôle de Panier”, means “funny sort of basket”.

Handmade in France using the very finest materials it is constructed of solid Beech and the BullTex cushion creates a cocoon of comfort for your dog.

The fabrics used on the cushion come from some of France’s greatest designers like Missoni and Christian Lacroix.

Oh and the shiny thing on the front? It’s a Silver plated jewel encrusted with Swarovski crystals!

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Reindeer Christmas Jumper (£3.99 to £9.99)

christmas dog jumperChristmas jumpers have made quite the comeback in recent years and it seems the more ridiculous, the better.

So why not let your fur baby join in with the fun with her very own reindeer Christmas jumper?

It comes in 5 sizes so you should have no problem getting one that fits. But beware, she will probably steal the show!

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Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera (£239)

furbo dog treat cameraDesigned alongside professional dog trainers, the Furbo high definition dog camera is the coolest thing in dog tech today.

It’s a smart camera that lets you see talk to and throw treats for your dog – it doesn;t matter if you’re at work on on the other side of the planet!

And with HD night vision you can check on Bruno even if it’s late.

It can sense if he is barking and send a notification to your phone so you can check and see he’s OK, talk to him and throw him a treat.

We LOVE this product and so will your dog!

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Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter (£4.99)

pet head paw butterDesigned for the most pampered of pooches, this Oatmeal Paw Butter by Pet Head.

Made with shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E and F, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera, it soothes and relieves dry, cracked paws. Simply rub it into the pads after walks and not only will her feet feel better, she’ll smell incredible too!

And it can be used on noses!

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Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier (£22.99)

pet carrierIf your dog prefers to be carried on her walk instead of actually walking, then the Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier will be a dream come true.

It looks fabulous and it’s made well too with a quilted, diamond stitched outer fabric and luxurious faux fur lining.

Not only will your dog be warm and cosy, she’ll be turning heads wherever you take her.

Featuring adjustable shoulder straps and a fold-out water bowl, it’s good for longer trips as well as short ones.


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Hyper Tennis Ball Launcher (£28.99)

hyper tennis ball launcherWe’re not going to lie…

This oversized slingshot is just as much fun for us as it is our dogs!

If your dog isn’t happy just having his ball kicked around the park, then this Hyper Tennis Ball Launcher is a must. It’ll not only save your arms from aching after every trip to the park, but he’ll be the envy of the other dogs as he races across the field after his balls.

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Michur Golden Eye Leather Dog Collar (£25.99 to £35.99)

michur dog collarMade for the style conscious dog, this Michur Golden Eye leather dog collar is beautiful.

Handmade in Germany from the finest leather, this beige collar is dyed with gold and studded with Rhinestones. The craftsmanship is fabulous.

As a dog owner, a collar is a must-have item and our dogs wear them most of time. They might as well look good in them!

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4 Pack of Snuffle Dog Beer (£12.00)

snuffle dog beerAt Christmas, we all like a good drink with friends and family. Some of the best moments are when we laugh, cry and put the world to rights…

…With a beer in hand.

And because our dogs are both friends and family all rolled into one, it’s only fair to give them a beer too.

Enter Snuffle Dog Beer.

Technically, it’s not even a beer. There’s ZERO alcohol, it’s not fizzy and it’s chicken flavoured.  And it’s actually good for your dog (Let’s face it, we don’t want a drunk dog raiding the turkey!)

But in an emotional sense, it absolutely is a beer. Now you four-legged best buddy will be able to join in the bar talk and drinking games and become part of those precious memories.

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Scotts of London Leather Dog Sofa (£329.99 to £549.99 )

scotts of London dog sofaHandcrafted in the UK using the finest materials. this Sandringham luxury dog sofa is fit for a dog king.

Scotts of London where featured on the 2015 series of the Apprentice and are known for creating the most luxurious dog beds in the UK.

All of their beds can be fully customised, using materials such as real leather, faux leather, and even crushed velvet! You choose from a range of colours with matching cushion covers.

These dog sofas are incredible!

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Woof and Brew Luxury Pawsecco (£2.99)

pawseccoYes, you read that right!

Just when you though dog beer was a bit of a stretch, now we’re introducing you to the world of Presecco for dogs…

…Or Pawsecco as it is called.

If your pooch is too posh to be slumming it with a bottle of dog beer, then why not get her a bottle of this stuff?

While you’re chatting with your girlfriends around the log fire with a glass of wine, your precious fur baby can join in with her own, non-alcoholic version.

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Peek Bubble Window (£64.99)

Dogs are a curious bunch and always want to know what’s happening beyond the fence.

Well, now you can satisfy that curiosity by making it possible to see the world beyond the boundary of the garden, without wrecking your fence!

These Peek Bubble windows are made from durable acrylic and stainless steel.

And they’re easy to fit and clean!

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What Do You Think Are the Best Dog Christmas Presents?

We’d love to hear from you.

Let us know about the presents you buy for your pooch this year.

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