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Grooming is a necessary part of maintaining your dogs’ health and wellbeing. Apart from looking good and smelling fresh, grooming helps to prevent skin conditions such as fleas and irritations, as well as promoting good blood circulation. That said, many dogs are nervous about being groomed.

At Pet Checkers, your pooches wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. We’re kind, patient and take our time to make sure they’re comfortable at every part of the groom. In fact, we’re the people many of Lincoln’s best dog trainers recommend for nervous dogs.

Here’s what we offer;

freshly groomed yorkshire terrier

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is essential in avoiding injuries, infections and maintaining a healthy foot. It’ll also save you money on expensive vet bills.

Breed Specific Styling

Grooming and styling to accentuate the breed standard set by the Kennel Club. If you like to show your dog off, this is for you.

Hand Stripping

For wire-haired breeds like border terriers that require hand stripping, this is the only way to maintain the coats’ natural colour and texture.

Bath, Dry & De-Shed

For dogs which moult and double-coated breeds. A bath, dry and de-shed will thin your dog’s coat, leave them looking good and feeling more comfortable.

Full Groom

A bath, dry, de-shed or detangle followed by clipping and scissoring should your pooch need it. Ear cleaning, foot care and sanitary area trim are also included.

Puppy Package

Our puppy package is designed to make sure their first visit to the groomers is a happy one. It includes a bath, dry & nail trim, done gently and at their pace.

How it Works…

From Consultation to Walks

get in touch icon

Get in Touch

And we’ll have a chat about your dog, what they need, temperament etc. Then we’ll arrange a day and time for you to come to the salon.

we'll meet you icon

We’ll Meet You

Vicki will meet you and your pooch. She’ll assess the condition of their coat, give them time to sniff around and explain how she’ll proceed.

we'll groom your dog icon

We’ll Get Grooming

Once you and your fur baby are happy, Vicki will start grooming. She’ll take her time to make sure they’re happy and comfortable the whole time.

What We Charge

A General Guide

Groom TypeSize of DogCost (From)
Full GroomSmall£27 – £37
Medium£32 – £42
Large£37 – £52
Giant£47 – £87
Bath/DrySmall£27 – £32
Medium£32 – £37
Large£37 – £42
Giant£42 – £57
Hand StrippingSmall£42 – £57
Medium£47 – £62
Large£67 – £87
Puppy PackageAll Breeds£27 – £47
Nail ClippingAll Breeds£10

The prices above are a general guide only and are subject to change depending on;

  • The type of coat your dog has
  • The condition of your dog’s coat
  • Your dog’s temperament

If you would like a more accurate price, feel free to get in touch and discuss it with us.

If you’re in the Military or the Emergency Services, we consider you a hero. So any prices are subject to 10% discount.

Prices may vary during public holidays and cancellation charges apply.

barney yellow labrador having a bath
blow drying bear the chow chow
combing mollie the wire haired jack russell
trimming teddy the yorkshire terrier's face
taking milo the cockerpoo out of the bath
trimming dolly the yorkshire terriers paws

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers to Our Most Common Questions

What Kind of Qualifications & Experience You Have?
Believe it or not, you don’t currently need any formal qualifications to be a dog groomer.

In fact, you can do an online grooming course, have no practical training and still call yourself a dog groomer.

However, Vicki is a City & Guilds Level 3 qualified dog groomer.

She studied dog grooming at university for 3 years and has 4 years of experience as a qualified groomer. She can groom to breed standards set by the Kennel Club but most of our clients prefer a ‘pet trim’ which is easier to look after.

How Old Should My Puppy Be On Her First Groom?
As soon as your puppy has had all its vaccinations and is able to go out, you can bring him or her to the salon.

Their first visit to the salon is designed to get them used to the whole experience. The smells, sounds, equipment etc. We’ll ask you to bring their favourite toy/blanket and some high-reward treats to keep them comfortable.

Providing they’re OK, we’ll give them their first bath using a gentle shampoo before towel drying and moving onto a small dryer.

If all goes well, we’ll give them a trim around their face and paws.

It’s important to note that we don’t get this far with all puppies on their first visit. It’s important to do things at their pace. Otherwise, you might find they develop a life-long fear of being groomed.

What Shampoo Do You Use, Can I Bring My Own?
We only use the highest quality shampoos in our salon which are gentle to your pooch’s skin and coat.

That said, if your dog has allergies or a skin condition and has a shampoo which has been issued by a vet, then of course, we can use that.

Will My Dog Be In The Salon With Other Dogs?
Only if you you have more than one dog and bring them all to be groomed at once.

We don’t have the facilities to crate dogs and keep them separate. We wouldn’t want to crate your dog anyway. Many dogs find being groomed stressful enough, without being confined to an unfamiliar create too.

My Last Groomer Cut All My Dogs Fur Off, Will You?
We get asked this a lot by people who own poodle mixed breeds. Especially cockerpoo’s.

These types of coats require daily brushing to remove moulting fur.

Unlike other breeds whose fur moults and falls out all, a cockerpoo’s (and other poodle mixed breeds) fur moults and gets tangled up in the rest of the coat which causes matting. As the matted fur builds up, it gets tighter. This can cause your poor dog a lot of discomfort and even pain, although many dogs don’t show it.

If we find heavily matted areas, the best thing to do for your dog’s welfare and wellbeing is to clip them off. In which case, we’ll discuss this with you.

My Dog is Nervous/Scared, Can You Still Groom Him?
We get quite a few nervous dogs in our salon. In fact, some are terrified.

Often times, this is the result of a previous groomer being too rough with them. Yes, this does happen unfortunately.

In any case, we pride ourselves on being patient and gentle with the dogs we groom.

It’s important to know, however, that we might not get a to groom your dog on their first visit, depending on their level of fear/anxiety.

In most cases though, we can at least get them in the bath.

Do You Do Anal Glands?

If your dog’s anal glands need to be expressed, then this should be a veterinary procedure. Also, the more your dog’s anal glands are expressed, the more reliant they become on being expressed instead of working properly and naturally.

Can I Be There When You Groom My Dog?
In most cases, we prefer you not to be there.

We find that oftentimes a dog will be more distracted if their owner is present. This can cause them to become very fidgety and uncompliant which can increase the chance of injury. Also, if you’re a nervous or anxious person, your dog will feel that anxiety and become anxious themselves.

That said, if your dog relies on you being there in order to remain calm, then yes, you’re welcome to be there.

What if I Need to Cancel?

We understand that circumstances change so if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. You can call us, leave a message, text us or email us. Ordinarily we can allocate your timeslot to another client.

However, cancellations made within 48 hours of your dog’s walk are subject to the full charge.

What Insurances Do Your Have in Place?
All of our processes and procedures are designed avoid any such events we do have insurance in place.

We have Public Liability Insurance which insures us up to £5,000,000. This covers your dog and home if;

  • Your dog causes an accident while in our care there will be third-party cover
  • Your dog is injured through our fault, we will cover te cost of treatment
  • We accidentally damage anything in your home will pay to replace it
  • We lose a key, we will cover the cost of a locksmith to replace your locks
  • If your pet goes missing while in our care, we can cover the cost of a reward, recovery or replacement

What Our Clients Say…

A Few Reviews From Happy Pet Parents

john page

Took George to Pet Checkers after using different groomers all his life. I’m so happy with the results, he looks as handsome as ever. I’ll always use Pet Checkers now.

– Jon Page

becca miller

Amazing service from Pet Checkers. We couldn’t be happier with our dog’s groom, definitely the best he has had! He came away very happy and smelling amazing!

– Becca Miller

lisa warner

Would not allow my boy anywhere else for his groom. Vicki treats him as if he were her own, he loves going so much he still does the occasional excited wee. Oops!

– Lisa Warner


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