Dog Training: Everything You Need to Know About Training Your Dog With Love & Respect

Dog Training

We think you might agree when we say:

Dog training is a really scary prospect!

We all want a well-behaved, good-natured dog. But the thought of getting it wrong and ending up with a hound that chews your furniture, steals your dinner and uses your bedroom for a toilet is enough to make many would-be dog owners get a cat instead.

Not that there’s anything wrong with cats, we love them!

But here’s the truth:

Dog training isn’t as scary as it seems.

The fact is, a well-trained, obedient dog is a pure joy to spend time with and be around. He’ll be happier, more fulfilled and you’ll create a bond with him built on love, trust, and understanding.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

You need the patience and commitment to training your dog for a lifetime.

With the correct understanding, training methods, and equipment, you’ll be able to shape his behavior and mold him into the dog you want him to be. You’ll prevent behavioral issues, and make your life together on of love, respect, and fun.

If the advice in this section of our website can prevent just one dog from being abandoned into a rescue shelter as a result of behavioral issues that could have been prevented with the correct training, we’re really happy with that.

This page is and will continue to be a work-in-progress as we update it with more articles, expert guides, and product reviews.

Make sure you bookmark it and come back regularly.

Dog Training: Essential Theory

Before you blindly dive into training your dog, it helps to know the theory behind what you’re doing.

In this section, we’ll be looking at what dog training is, why it’s important, how dogs learn and the different methods and techniques you can use. Plus other fundamentals.

Basic Commands All Dogs Should Know

All dogs should know the basic commands.

Not only are they essential for a well-behaved dog.the safety of you, your dog, other

Not only that, they are incredibly important when it comes to your safety and that of your dogs, and other dogs and people.

They also form the foundations for more complex training.

Dog Training Products and Reviews

Dog training is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. We’re always looking for the best dog training products and supplies and we test them thoroughly.

This means you can buy the right products for you and your dog, saving time and money!