The Best Dog Walkers in Lincoln

Dog Walks Full of Fun, Love & Adventure

Do You Feel Guilty About Leaving Your Dog at Home?

Well, Now You Don’t Have to…

While you’re out at work we can come and spend quality time with your four-legged friend. You can get on with your day knowing they’re getting all the fun and exercise they need.

And when you arrive home greeted by their twinkling eyes and wagging tail, you’ll know they’ve had the best time.


Whether you have an active dog who loves an adventure, or an old friend who prefers a slow stroll, we tailor our walks to your dogs’ specific needs.


You can either leave their bowl already made up or you can let us know where everything is and we can prepare it while we’re there.

French bulldog holding a lead


If your pooch needs medication, we can administer most types, from tablets to eye drops. Just let us know what you need us to do.

Daily Diary

After each visit, we’ll let you know what we’ve been up to. We can either leave a diary which we’ll write in after every visit. Or if you prefer, we can text you.

How it Works…

From Consultation to Walks

get in touch icon

Get in Touch

And we’ll arrange a day and time to come and meet you and your dog. This is usually in the evening.

we'll meet you icon

We’ll Meet You

We will come to meet you, discuss your needs, those of your dog and see how they interact with us.

we'll walk your dog icon

We’ll Walk Your Dog

On the agreed days and times. After every walk, we’ll update your doggy diary, and tell you what we’ve been up to.

The Areas We Cover

We Walk Dogs All Over Lincoln

pet checkers van



North Hykeham
South Hykeham
Doddington Park

What We Charge

Straight Forward & Easy to Understand Pricing

Length of Walk1 DogExtra Dog (Per Dog)
30 Minutes£10.50£3.00
60 Minutes£14.00£3.00

Our walks are 1-on-1, just us and your dog(s).

If you have more than one dog, we’ll walk them together (up to a maximum of 3). This does depend on their temperament though. If they’re pully, nervous or reactive, we may need to walk them separately. In which case we’ll treat that visit as separate walks.

Our walkers will never walk more than 3 dogs at once. If you have more than 3, we’ll send two walkers at an additional cost.

If you’re in the Military or the Emergency Services, we consider you a hero. So any prices are subject to 10% discount.

Prices may vary during public holidays and cancellation charges apply.

oscar weimaraner playing with Debs
vicki scratching louies chin
jack golden retriever rolling a round
harvey cocker spaniel on his back
bentley border terrier running
morgan labrador holding his collar

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers to Our Most Common Questions

What Kind of Training & Experience Do Our Walkers Have?
All of our team members are experienced animal lovers and many own their own dogs.

We don’t specifically look for qualifications although many of our team members are studying or have degrees in animal care and management.

Still, we buddy up new recruits with an experienced dog walker. This is to teach them how we work and the standards we set for ourselves.

New team members are also trained in animal first aid. This training is refreshed every three years.

Where Will You Walk My Dog?
We find it’s less stressful for your dog, especially in the early stages of our relationship with them, to keep them in an area they’re familiar with. As such, we’ll walk your dog in your local area.

On your consultation, we’ll ask you about their favourite places to go for a run around, a sniff or a stroll.

Will You Walk My Dogs With Other Dogs?
We walk dogs 1-on-1 so your dog is our priority at all times. The only time this would change is if you have more than one dog and you prefer them to be walked together.

This makes it safer for everyone involved.

That said, we meet other dogs while out walking all the time. They’re social animals so we’ll always let dogs greet each other if it’s safe to do so.

However, if your dog is anxious or reactive well keep them away from situations where they feel uncomfortable.

Will You Let My Dog Off Lead?
We will only ever let your dog off their lead with your explicit permission.

In fact, we’d ask you sign a document granting your permission.

Even then, we wouldn’t let your dog off his or her lead until;

  1. We’ve built a relationship with them, and
  2. We’re confident in his or her recall

If they have poor recall, we wouldn’t let them off. Its not safe.

Will You Train My Dog While Your Walking Them?

We expect your dog to have at least a basic level of lead training before we walk him or her.

That said, we’ll always work with you. If you’re currently training your puppy to lead walk, or you have a reactive dog, we’ll always use the same commands and actions.

If you’re in need of a dog trainer, we can recommend one to you.

What if My Dogs Regular Walker Isn't Available?
When we come to meet you, Vicki will bring one or two other walkers.

This is to make sure we always have someone available to take to take your pooch on their walk. We’ll make sure each walker takes your dog out regularly so he/she gets to know and trust both of them.

What if I Need to Cancel?
We understand that circumstances change so if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. You can call us, leave a message, text us or email us. Ordinarily we can allocate your timeslot to another client.

However, cancellations made within 48 hours of your dogs walk are subject to the full charge.

What Would Happen In An Emergency?
This doesn’t happen often and it’s not nice to talk about but we do have measures in place.

On your consultation, we’ll ask for your contact details, mobile number, work number and landline. We’ll also ask for the phone numbers of your spouse or a trusted family member who can make decisions on your behalf in case we can’t get through to you.

We’ll also ask you to sign a document giving us the authority to act on your behalf in the worst of circumstances.

You should notify your vet that we have your permission to act in an emergency situation.

What Security Measures Do You Have in Place?
Security is super important to us.

Firstly, we’re very picky about the people we employ. All our staff are criminal record checked and we’ll show you these documents on your consultation.

Your keys are stored securely and only marked by your pets name. Your address is not attached to them in any way. So if we were to lose them (which has never happened), no one would ever know what address they’re for. We’d also replace the locks at your home.

What Insurances Do Your Have in Place?
All of our processes and procedures are designed avoid any such events we do have insurance in place.

We have Public Liability Insurance which insures us up to £5,000,000. This covers your dog and home if;

  • Your dog causes an accident while in our care there will be third-party cover
  • Your dog is injured through our fault, we will cover the cost of treatment
  • We accidentally damage anything in your home will pay to replace it
  • We lose a key, we will cover the cost of a locksmith to replace your locks
  • If your pet goes missing while in our care, we can cover the cost of a reward, recovery or replacement

What Our Clients Say…

A Few Reviews From Happy Pet Parents

karen mccall

Vicki & Ben let Reggie out twice a week. Love coming home to read our daily report on what he has been doing. Lovely to find someone who cares about animals like we do.

– Karen McCall

andy miles

Pet Checkers have been walking Alfred for 3 years. There service and staff are brill. Professional, friendly and trustworthy. I think Alfred loves them more than me!.

– Andy Miles

jane newman

Pet Checkers have looked after Ellie for years. They’re such animal-loving people who care and treat them as if they were their own. That’s special gives us peace of mind.

– Jane Newman


At Pet Checkers, we've been providing the very best pet care Lincoln has to offer since 2013.

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Sunday: Closed

Contact Us

52 Beech Road

01522 740 025 info (@)

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