Dog Training: Everything You Need to Know About How to Train Your Dog With Kindness

Dog training has evolved greatly over recent years.

In days gone by the extent to which we trained our dogs only went as far as sit, stay or down – thankfully, this is changing.

It’s not just what we teach our dogs that’s changing, it’s also the ways in which we teach them.

For years dog trainers have used fear, intimidation, punishment and pain to train dogs. These methods are the result of flawed ideas about the pack mentality based on inaccurate studies of wolves held in captivity.

Sadly, there a still a lot of dog trainers and owners who are unaware and even unwilling to move towards the new age of dog training, preferring to use outdated theories about dominance and training equipment that cause pain and discomfort.

Huge advances in behavioural science help us to understand our canine friends much more intimately and communicate with them on a level never before seen.

dog training

Positive Re-enforcement is the future of dog training

Using positive reinforcement, or reward based training we can train our dogs using respect, trust and above all, love, building the strongest of bonds.

This page contains everything you need to know about training your dog, from the outdated methods and equipment to the new age of reward based dog training.

There’s also product reviews and other articles to help you make the most out of your dog training adventure.

Basic Commands All Dogs Should Know

It doesn’t matter if you dog is 12 weeks old or 8 years old, it’s never too late to start teaching them the basic commands and we recommend you start training your dog as soon as you bring them into your life.

Each of these cues has a real life application. Stay, leave it, and recall for example are all safety cues which have the potential to literally save your dogs’ life while teaching your dog to stop pulling on his lead and go settle make your life easier.

Above all, teaching your dog these basic cues will help avoid problem behaviours developing and create the foundations for a life of trust, understanding and love.

train a dog to sit

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit

Teaching a puppy to sit is one of the first things we do when we bring her into our life.

This basic command is the foundation for many other training exercises. It’s also the go to cue when you need her to focus her attention on you.

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train a dog to lie down

How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

Once your pooch has mastered how to sit, it’s time to learn how to teach her to lay down before moving onto other, more demanding cues.

The ‘Down’ cue is useful when you want your dog to lay on her bed and keep her out of the way.

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train a dog to stay

How to Teach Your Dog to Stay

The ‘stay’ cue is a safety cue which has the potential to save your dog from serious injury and even death.

We’ve seen and heard about dogs getting hit by cars, attacked by other dogs and scaring the wits out people because they have lacked the ability to ‘stay’.

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recall training

How to Teach Your Dog to Recall

Dog recall training is probably the most important kind of training you can do and in many cases, the most difficult one to master.

Most people don’t spend anywhere near enough time teaching their pooch the ‘come’ command.

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train a dog to leave it

How to Teach Your Dog to Leave it

We’ve seen and heard about all the weird, wonderful and sometimes dangerous things that dogs have picked up, chewed, eaten, or tried to eat.

So it’s SUPER important to teach your dog to ‘leave it’ as soon as you bring them home.

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lead training a dog

How to Stop Your Dog Pulling

Being pulled around by your dog while he is on the lead is one of the most common issues we face as dog owners.

In this article we’re going to look at how to stop your dog pulling on the lead so you can both go out for a walk and have fun together.

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train a dog to heel

How to Teach Your Dog to Heel

Once you have taught your dog to walk to properly on his lead, heel training is a good additional discipline to teach him.

Heeling is most commonly used when you want to keep your dog close to you. This could be when you’re walking along a busy road or congested areas.

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train you dog to watch you

How to Teach Your Dog to Watch You

Teaching your dog to watch you is actually pretty important but many people don’t even know to teach it to their dog.

The ‘watch me’ cue is designed to get your dogs attention while you’re out and about, encountering certain distractions or things that makes your dog nervous.

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train a dog to settle

How to Teach Your Dog to Go Settle

The ‘Go Settle’ or, ‘On your bed’ cue is the go-to command when you don’t want your dog begging at the table, if you’re entertaining friends and want to keep her out of the way or if you want her to settle when you’re leaving the house.

Here’s how to teach it.

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how to train a dog to stand

How to Teach Your Dog to Stand

Very rarely taught, the ‘stand’ cue the opposite of sit but it’s to be used in situations when you don’t want her to actually come to you.

It’s ideal when she is at the vets having a medical exam, the dog groomers or as part of other training or games.

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how to relax a dog

How to Teach Your Dog to Relax

This cue is perfect when you need to be calm and relaxed in certain situations, like travelling in the car.

However, it’s not the cue to use situations of high anxiety or excitement, not dog can go from crazy to calm the moment you ask them to.

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teach a dog to drop it

How to Teach Your Dog to Take / Drop

There be times in your dogs life when he will pick something up that you really don’t want him to have, like chocolate for example and you’ll need to recover it.

This makes the take it / drop it cue really important. In fact, it has the potential to save your dogs’ life.

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The Theory Behind Dog Training

Everyone knows they should train their dogs but very few people understand why they should do it or the science and psychology behind it.

But arming yourself with this knowledge will make the whole process of training your dog easier to understand and as a result, it will lead to less frustration, more fun and a stronger bond between you and your canine friend.

positive reinforcement

Everything You Need About Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement in dog training is a relatively new concept.

For years we have been told that the only way to train a dog is through dominance and submission.

But let’s start with a question…

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dominance in dogs

The Myths and Truth About Dominance in Dogs

Dog trainers who subscribe to the flawed but widely publicised dominance theory would have you believe that your dog is essentially a domesticated wolf, constantly looking for ways in which he can assert his dominance over you.

Modern science debunks that myth.

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Dog Training Products and Reviews

Training your dog can be made easier with certain tools and products like a no pull dog harness to help with lead training.

The right dog training equipment can make training much easier but use the wrong thing (like prong collars) and training can be a nightmare, not only for you but your pooch too.

He we discuss this different types of dog training equipment, the good and the bad.

positive reinforcement

The Best No Pull Dog Harness

Taking your dog for a walk should be a fun experience for everyone involved but all too often we get pulled around as our dogs follow their noses and leap around to greet their fellow canines.

If you walk your dog on a lead and collar or slip lead, this pulling can cause serious damage to their neck and throat.

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