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KatKin Cat Food Reviews

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Founded in 2019 with a goal to create ‘the healthiest cat food in the world’, KatKin is a newcomer to the cat food market.

In our KatKin review, we’ll look closely to see if it’s the right food for your cat.

Our 30 Second KatKin Review

KatKin is the best cat food we have found at Pet Checkers. It’s what we feed our own cat, Milo, and it’s what we recommend to our customers.

OK, it’s expensive compared to many other cat foods. That said, they make it from human-grade meat sources, not the nasty scraps left over from the meat trade. And they tailor their offering to make sure your cat gets the perfect amount of calories, protein and nutrients.

We saw (as do many cat owners) a big difference in our cats’ coat and behaviour. Milo’s coat became glossier and silkier and he had more energy. In fact, we watched our 11-year-old, quite poorly cat become a big kitten.

About KatKin

KatKin’s is a cat food subscription service.

Their mission is to create fresh, species-appropriate food for all cats, helping them to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Some cat foods are ‘Vet Approved’. This means a vet has checked the ingredients and marked them safe for consumption. This doesn’t mean the food is necessarily good, it’s just safe. It’s a marketing ploy many manufacturers use to make you think it’s good.

KatKin is ‘Vet Formulated’. This means a vet has taken the time to create the recipes based on the primal dietary needs of our feline friends.

The vet behind these recipes?

Dr. Justin Shmalberg.

One of the world’s foremost experts in veterinary nutrition. He’s also the vet behind the recipes for the famous dog food brand, NomNomNow.

KatKin’s recipes are compliant with FEDIAF European Pet Food Industry nutritional standards.

Who Owns KatKin?

KatKin is an independent company, owned by siblings Brett and Nikki O’Farrell.

What Type of Cat Food does KatKin Make?

KatKin only makes wet food, made from ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

Many of the big-name brands make their cat food using meat ‘by-products’. These are the leftovers of the meat trade that no one wants. They’re often several days old and have been boiled, mashed or dried. As a result, it loses most of its nutritional value. They often smell disgusting too.

KatKin uses fresh ingredients and gently steam cook their cat food. This;

  1. Retains all its nutritional value, but also
  2. Removes the risks of Salmonella that’s associated with raw cat food

Their food is so fresh in fact, that it arrives frozen.

KatKin is completely free of grains, fillers and additives. Their flavours include;

  • Splash: 100% fresh premium whitefish, salmon and turkey liver
  • Gobble: 100% fresh turkey thigh, gizzards and liver
  • Cluck: 100% Fresh premium chicken thigh, liver and heart
  • Bubble & Quack: 100% fresh whitefish, salmon, duck meat and liver
  • Baaa: 100% fresh premium lamb trim, liver and heart
  • Mooo: 100% fresh premium beef trim, heart and liver
  • Oink: 100% fresh premium pork trim and shoulder
  • Quack: 100% fresh premium duck meat, gizzards, live and chicken heart and thigh

How Does KatKin Work?

KatKin is a cat food subscription service.

When you sign up, they will ask you about your cat’s age, size, weight, and any health conditions. They then tailor their food to your cat’s specific needs with exactly the right amount of calories.

One pouch is enough for one cat, for one day. Whether your cat is a kitten, adolescent, adult or senior.

You can also choose the recipes. So if your cat doesn’t like fish for example, you can choose the flavours s/he does like.

KatKin Recalls

KatKin has never had any of their food recalled.

KatKin Cat Food Reviews

For our review of KatKin, we chose three of their most popular recipes;

  1. Splash!
  2. Gobble!
  3. Cluck

Splash! Fresh Fish & Turkey Liver

Made with whitefish, salmon and turkey liver, sunflower oil and Katkin’s nutrient mix.

Splash! is high-protein cat food. It contains minimal carbohydrates with no added sugar, salts or fillers.

KatKin says it’s made using premium, locally-sourced ingredients that are gently steam cooked.

It’s made to meet FEDIAF nutritional guidelines and is ideal for kittens, adults or seniors.

Ingredient Analysis

Whitefish, salmon, turkey liver, sunflower oil

Nutrient Mix (Per KG)

Vitamin A 5305 IU, vitamin D3 165 IU, Zinc (zinc chelate of methionine) 35 mg, iron (iron chelate of glycine, hydrate) 28 mg, manganese (manganese chelate of glycine, hydrate) 5mg, copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 3mg, iodine (potassium iodide) 0.943 mg, taurine 1533 mg.

Guaranteed Analysis

KatKin Splash Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 17.8%

Fat: 4.7%

Ash: 1.9%

Fibre: 0.1%

Moisture: 74.9%

Dry Matter Basis

KatKin Splash Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 70.29%

Fat: 18.73%

Ash: 7.57%

Fibre: 0.40%

Gobble! Turkey Thigh, Gizzards & Liver

Made using fresh turkey thigh, liver and gizzards, this recipe is packed with animal protein.

The addition of liver and gizzards (part of the muscular stomach) are natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals. All excellent for maintaining your cat’s muscle tone and healthy skin and coat.

Again, there are no nasty grains, cereals salts or sugars and carbohydrates are minimal. The only additive is KatKins nutrient mix. This is tailored to each recipe, depending on the nutrients that are naturally present.


Fresh turkey thigh, liver and gizzards, minerals and chicken.

Nutrient Mix (Per KG)

Vitamin A 3180 IU, vitamin D3 99 IU, Zinc (zinc chelate of methionine) 21 mg, iron (iron chelate of glycine, hydrate) 17 mg, manganese (manganese chelate of glycine, hydrate) 3 mg, copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 2mg, iodine (potassium iodide) 0.565 mg, taurine 919 mg.

Guaranteed Analysis

KatKin Gobble Guaranteed Analysis Pie Chart

Protein: 19.7%

Fat: 6.3%

Ash: 1.9%

Fibre: 0.1%

Moisture: 71.6%

Dry Matter Basis

KatKin Gobble Dry Matter Basis Pie Chart

Protein: 69.37%

Fat: 22.18%

Ash: 6.69%

Fibre: 0.35%

Oink! Pork Shoulder & Trim

Made using pork shoulder and trim, fish oil and their nutrient mix, cats seem to love KitKin’s Oink! recipe.

The protein content isn’t quite as high as the other recipes we’ve featured and the fat content is quite a bit higher.

This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the fat content is good for your cats joints and fur.

Again, there are very little carbohydrates.


Pork shoulder and trim, fish oil and nutrient mix.

Nutrient Mix (Per KG)

Vitamin A 8665 IU, vitamin D3 270 IU, Zinc (zinc chelate of methionine) 58 mg, iron (iron chelate of glycine, hydrate) 46 mg, manganese (manganese chelate of glycine, hydrate) 8mg, copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 5mg, iodine (potassium iodide) 1.541 mg, taurine 2503 mg.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 18.1%

Fat: 11.6%

Ash: 2.5%

Fibre: 0.1%

Moisture: 67.1%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 55.02%

Fat: 35.26%

Ash: 7.6%

Fibre: 0.30%

How Much Does KatKin Cost?

KatKin personalises their food to your cats age, weight and activity levels. This means the cost varies from cat to kat. That said they do have some sample pricing;

You can expect to pay at least £49 per cat, per month.

Granted, this is more than your typical cat food. Creating personaised meals with the right amount of protein, fats and nutrients comes at a cost.

Customer Reviews of KatKin

At the time of writing, KatKin have over 2,000 reviews on TrustPilot with 94% excellence rating.

The three main things reviewers seem to comment on are;

  • How much their cats enjoy eating their food, and
  • The physical differences they see in their cats. From shinier, silkier fur to becoming more active and playful
  • The fact that their cats poo no longer smells

Positive KatKin Reviews

Here aew three recent positive reviews;

Happy, Healthy Cats

“My two cats have been on Katkin for several months now. They are healthy and happy and their coats are just phenomenal.

One was on trickle dose steroids for itchy ears and a skin issue, guess what, weaned him off the steriods and his skin is smooth and no longer flaky and he’s stopped scratching his ears.

The food is all eaten and we’ve figured out which flavours they aren’t keen on (only 2) and these are ordered in small quantities, to give variety. Clean plates, non smelly firm poops. Just wish we’d known about it sooner…”


My Three Cats Absolutely Love KatKin

“My three cats absolutely love KatKin.

It took patience to transition them over but as long as you’re consistent it works. Their coats are shiny and their poo’s don’t smell 😁. Would recommend it to anyone…”

Heidi Cushway

My Siberian Forest Cat is Happy

“So far my experience using KatKin for my cat Ziberditsky is great.

The service seems very good and supportive the package always arrives professionally packed and instructions are easy to follow.

What has impressed me is the improvement in my cats coat in a very short space of time and that she loves the food is a huge bonus and isn’t turning her nose up at it! I would like to know more on how the weight loss works.

I am glad I made the move across to KatKin as I’m sure it’s worth it for my cats health and well-being. I love the way the company call you to see how it’s going, nice touch…”

Pippa Taylor

Negative Reviews

Here are three of the most recent reviews of KatKin.

Most comments seem to be around customer service and delivery. Others to say their cats didn’t take to the food.

KatKin do respond to their negative comments and we have to say, we think they do a good job. They are a new company they’re learning as they go and it seems they take negative feedback constructively.

Terrible Customer Service

“My cat is being put to sleep and so I called the customer service number and explained that i no longer needed and to cancel my subscription. I was told a confirmation email would be sent, 3 days later nothing! I also emailed them to confirm cancellation and received nothing. Not very good customer service…”

Corinne Trotter

The Sales is a Mess

“I’m sure the product is great but the sales is a mess. All I want to do is buy a trial box to see if my cat likes it. Not answer tons of questions or sign up for a subscription…”


Our Bengals Refused to Make the Change

“Took advantage of the 14 day introductory offer, but unfortunately our 2 Bengal cats refused to make the change after several days of trying.

Our Bengals currently have quite a balanced diet of Felix wet food, Royal Canin dried biscuits, as well as cooked chicken. In the end, we were throwing out all the Katkins food, so maybe the 20% discount needs to be taken in context…”

Jon E

Is KatKin a Good Chice For My Cat?

KatKin is the best cat foods we have found at Pet Checkers, and it’s the food we feed our own cat, Milo.

It’s made from high-quality, human grade meat sources and it’s completely free of the nasty grains and fillers. So it’s perfectly species appropriate.

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