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Our Mission

To be the very best pet care company in Lincoln

Pet Checkers was founded in 2013 when we were going on holiday and needed someone to come in and look after our two cats, Freckles and Milo.

We knew exactly what we wanted from a pet care company but couldn’t find anyone that could meet our expectations – or that we liked or trusted. So after paying a friend to look after our cats, we decided to start Pet Checkers and formed the company while we were on holiday.

The goal?

To be the best pet care company in Lincoln. By providing the very best service to our clients and the very best care to their pets.

And we’ve been on amazing ride ever since. Starting out with just the two of us, we have grown quickly and now have six members of staff. We owe a massive thanks to all of our customers for being a part of our journey – we wouldn’t exist without you and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

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Our ‘PET’ Code of Ethics

The driving force behind our business

Our goal is for everything we do — our consultations, services, our relationships with you, our relationships with your pets, the way we present ourselves and the inner workings of our business – EVERYTHING will to live up to the standards of our ‘PET’ code.

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Professional Pet Care Company


We will conduct ourselves professionally at all times. Everything we do is in the best interests of the animals we look after. We will never take on a client just for the sake of profit. We will always stand by our beliefs and we will turn work down if we believe the welfare of the animals is compromised.

Pet Care


We will treat our clients, their pets, our staff and anyone with who we come into contact with respect for their thoughts, feelings and opinions. We will always be there for our clients and their pets during hard times and always strive to be more than ‘just the pet sitter’.

TTrustworth Pet Care Company


We will never forget or take for granted the amount of trust you put in us. We will always keep your keys, personal information, possessions and your pets safe. We will vet and monitor all staff regularly to make sure we maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Meet Our Team of Animal Lovers

The people that make Pet Checkers great

Because of nature of what we do, we’re really selective about the people we bring in to work with us. We have a thorough interview process and all our staff are insured and criminal record checked. As a result we have a really good team of people that help make Pet Checkers what it is.

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Vicki Doyle Pet Checkers

Vicki Doyle


Vicki is the co-founder of Pet Checkers and is the person who will come and see you on your consultation. As well as running the business she is also a qualified dog groomer.

Ben Doyle Pet Checkers

Ben Doyle


Ben has helped Vicki grow Pet Checkers into the business it is today. He looks after all the marketing, our website as well as walking dogs. He takes care of any spiders too!

Heather Tebb Pet Checkers

Heather Tebb

Equine and Bee Specialist

Heather works part time and looks after any larger animals and small holding animals like horses, donkeys, llamas, sheep etc. She is also an experienced bee keeper.

Iona Gibson Pet Checkers

Iona Gibson

Dog Walker

Iona is one of our dog walkers who also helps out with our admin work. She's an avid campaigner for animal rights and she also knits jumpers for rescued battery hens.

Katie Scott Pet Checkers

Katie Scott

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Katie is one of our dog walkers / pet sitters. She is currently studying animal behaviour at Lincoln university and she has a way of getting animals to behave really well.