How to Teach Your Dog to Go Settle (Step-by-Step)

By 21st September 2017Dog Training
How to teach your dog to go settle

In this post, we’re going to show you how to teach your dog to go settle.

The ‘Go Settle’ or, ‘On your bed’ cue is similar to lie down or relax, except you’re asking her to settle in a desired spot.

That might be on her bed or in her crate, for example.

It’s the go-to command when you don’t want her begging at the table, if you’re entertaining friends and want to keep her out of the way, or if you want her to settle when you’re leaving the house.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Go Settle, Step-by-Step

Begin this training in an environment that’s free of distractions and place your dog’s bed or mat wherever you want her to settle.
Stand a few feet away from the bed with your dog by your side and with a treat in hand, point to the bed and give her the cue ‘Go settle’.
Walk towards her bed using the treat you have in your hand as a lure. When she has all four paws on her bed, give her the treat and praise her.
Keep repeating this step until she responds consistently, with or without the treat.
If at any point she sits or lies down, praise her but if she’s standing, ask her to lie down.
Now she is laying down on her bed, wait a little longer before rewarding her. Each time you ask her to lie down increase the amount of time before rewarding her.
Once she’s at the point where she’s laying down and staying there, start to move away from her and ask her to stay.
When she’s staying on her bed consistently go back her her every few minutes and reward her. The aim is to gradually increase the time she’s on her bed and the distance from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have taught your dog to lay down and stay, asking to go settle should be relatively simple.

If your dog doesn’t have a good stay, you may struggle, so work on that first.

Here are some frequently asked questions;

“I Can’t Get My Dog to Settle, What Am I Doing Wrong?”

Try exercising her first before asking her to settle.

Take her for a big walk or a runaround. Play fetch or tug with her and tire her out a bit to get rid of any excess energy.

Dogs respond to training much better after exercise.

“My Dog Goes to Bed Perfectly Until We Have Guests, Then She Won’t Settle at All. What Should I Do?”

Firstly, keep practicing with her in a quiet environment but remember, your dog will find it really difficult to settle if she’s excited or anxious.

In this case, try removing her from the situation and taking her to a different room where it’s quieter and she can settle more easily.

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