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Where (And Where Not!) to Put Your Cats Litter Box: 3 of the Best Places

by Ben Doyle | Reading Time: 5 minutes

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Cats are fussy about using their litter trays. So where you put your cat’s litter box is important if you want them to use it.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Some quick do’s and dont’s of cat litter placement
  • 3 of the best places to put your cat’s litter box,
  • Some other, less ideal places that work for your cat, and
  • Where NOT to put their litter box

Some Do’s and Dont’s For Cat Litter Tray Placement

cat litter tray in a utility room

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for your cat’s litter tray, there are some general do’s and don’ts to follow;


  • Put your cat’s needs before your own – that means choosing the best litter box for them. And if your cat is most comfortable with their tray in the living room, put it there. It might not be ideal for you, but it’s best for them.
  • Put a litter box on each floor – your cat shouldn’t have to scale the stairs to go to the toilet.
  • Have one litter tray per cat, plus one extra – cats don’t like sharing toilets so each cat should have their own litter tray. A general rule of thumb is to have an extra one as some cats don’t like using the same litter box every time.
  • Put a litter box in a private, quiet location – cats feel at their most vulnerable when toileting. Give them a space they feel safe in.
  • Make sure it’s accessible – that a door is always open and where they won’t get trapped.


  • Have a single litter tray for multiple cats – again, cats don’t like to share toilets.
  • Put your cat’s litter box near their food or water – cats don’t eat where they toilet, it’s not in their nature.
  • Put a litter box in an isolated area – give them a quiet private space, but don’t make them travel to it.
  • Make your cat climb the stairs – especially if they’re very young or old. Again, have a litter tray on each floor.
  • Put the tray in a dark area – for a cat to feel safe when going to the toilet, they need to be able to see their surroundings. So put their tray in a well-lit area.
  • Put litter boxes together – You cats will view them all as one area. A dominant cat might guard them and not let others in.

3 of the Best Places to Put Your Cat’s Litter Box

ginger cat coming out of its litter box

The bathroom, a spare room or laundry room are the best places to put your cat’s litter box;

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best places to put a litter box. Even better if it’s a guest bathroom.

It’s quiet, often well lit and it’s where we go to the loo. So it makes sense to put your cat’s litter tray in there too.

Try to keep it away from the sink or shower to prevent water from splashing into it.

Also, make sure the door is always open so your cat can get in and out. If you prefer to keep the door shut, consider installing a cat flap.

A Spare Room

A designated corner in a spare bedroom is another good place to put your cat’s litter box.

Again, they’re quiet, well lit and out of the way of the rest of the house. If you don’t have guests stay over in that room, even better.

A Laundry or Utility Room

This is another good space.

That said, loud washing machines might put your cat off going in there. So only put a litter box in there if your washer and dryer are quiet.

If your cat has a predictable toileting schedule, you could work your laundry jobs around it.

Other, Less Ideal Places to Put a Cat Litter Tray

If you don’t have the ‘ideal’ place to put a litter box, then here are some other options. These are best if you live in a small house, flat or apartment.

The Living Room

Granted, no one likes to see or smell their cat eliminating while drinking coffee. Especially if you have guests.

Still, you need to put your cat’s needs before your own.

Put it in a quiet corner as far away from where you sit as possible. Consider getting a privacy screen to give your cat some added cover. Another option is to buy a litter box that’s disguised as furniture so it’s not so obvious.

Avoid high-traffic areas, like the path between your living room and kitchen.

The Bedroom

A bedroom is a less-than-ideal option for your cat’s toilet. So only use your bedroom if you have no other choice.

The sounds and smell of their toilet activity might be enough to wake you up in the night. Ammonia in the litter box also brings health risks to consider.

Again, consider getting them a privacy screen or a piece of litter box furniture so it’s not so obvious.

Where NOT to Put Your Cat’s Litter Tray

So now you know the best places to put a litter tray, here are a few places you shouldn’t it.

The Kitchen

For no other reason than hygiene. You don’t want to prepare food in the same room where your cat toilets.

In the Dark

As mentioned earlier, cats are at their most vulnerable when they’re toileting. They prefer well-lit areas so they can see what’s around them.

So avoid dark corners, cupboards and other dark areas.

High Traffic Areas

Cats like a bit of peace and quiet when they go to the toilet. So keep your cat’s litter box away from busy areas of the house.

Don’t put it in the hallway, on the stairs or in any other area where people come and go.

Noisy Places

Loud noises can startle your cat at a time when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Don’t put a litter tray in the garage if you use power tools in there.

The same goes for laundry rooms. They can be one of the best places to put a litter box but if you have noisy appliances, it might be best to find another spot.

Next to Each Other

Unless you have enclosed litter boxes, putting two litter boxes side by side isn’t a good idea. Because they’re so close together, clean litter will smell like the used litter in the tray next to it. As a result, your cat will view them as one litter box.

This can cause problems if you have more than one cat.

Far Away From the Rest of the House

The litter box should be easy to get to.

Don’t make your cat cover large distances to go to the toilet. This can be an issue in larger homes.

Again, this means having litter boxes on all floors and having enough of them for the number of cats you own.


The best place to put your cat’s litter box is the bathroom, a spare room or laundry room.

If you can’t put it in those rooms, the living room and bedroom are also good places for your cat. Even though they might not be the best places for us.

That said, when it comes to choosing a location for a litter tray, we should consider our cat’s needs before our own.

Watch your cat’s behaviour to see how they use their tray. If they use it often, the great. If not, you may need to move the litter box to another area.

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