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7 Ways to Stop Cat Litter From Tracking and Getting Everywhere

by Ben Doyle | Reading Time: 4 minutes

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Does your cat’s litter find its way all over the house? 

Us too!

We find it on the floor, in our shoes, on the sofa and even in bed.

So, it’s no wonder customers ask us all the time, ‘How can I stop cat litter from getting everywhere?’ 

Well, there is no one magic fix this super annoying problem. That said, there are a few easy things you can do to reduce the amount of litter your cat scatters around the house.

Some cost a bit of money, some don’t. We’ll start with the things that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Reduce the Amount of Litter You Use

cat watching owner fill their litter tray

Overfilling your cat’s litter box makes it easy for them to kick it all over the floor while covering their mess.

Next time you clean your cat’s litter box, use a little less litter. 

It’s a win, win.

You’ll have less litter to clean up, and you’ll save money by using less.

So how much litter should you use? Enough for your cat to be able to cover their business and clumping litter doesn’t stick to the bottom of their tray.

2. Clean Daily

Woman hoovering scattered cat litter around her cat

Here’s some bad news.

The solutions above will reduce the amount of cat litter you’ll find about the house. But nothing will stop it completely.

So, to keep on top of it, you need to clean often. Either sweep or vacuum around the litter box every day. Then your cat can’t step in it and track it around.

Yes, cleaning up after our cat is a chore. But giving the area around their litter box a quick hoover takes seconds. 

3. Think About Where You Put the Litter Box

Cat litter tray in utility room

Where you put your cat’s litter box makes a difference.

The further it is away from your living space, the less chance of litter finding its way there. It won’t stop litter tracking but it might contain it in a part of the house you don’t use.

Of course, your cats’ needs should come first. If they’re not happy toileting in an isolated location, change it. You should also move the litter box gradually so they know where to find it.

4. Consider Changing Your Cat’s Litter

shop shelves with types of cat litter on them

Some cat litters are more prone to tracking than others. 

For example, some litters have very small, very light granules. Some corn and some clay litters are the worst for tracking as these granules get stuck in paws and fur. 

Litters with bigger, heavier granules or pellets don’t track anywhere near as much. Wood pellets, tofu pellets and silica are among the best litter types for not tracking.

Bear in mind though. if you want the best cat litter, there are other considerations besides tracking. These include the ability to clump, ease of scooping and odour control. 

But if your current cat litter gets everywhere, try changing it.

5. Try Changing The Litter Box

robot litter box

If your cat kicks their litter over the side while they’re burying their business, it’ll end up all over the floor. And as you’ll know, once it’s on the floor, it gets everywhere. 

The best cat litter boxes do a decent job of containing litter. Some have internal overhanging edges; some have high sides and some are fully covered.

In fact, some of the best litter boxes for containing cat litter are top-entry models. The litter tends to fall back into the box as your cat climbs out. That said, some cats don’t like top-entry boxes.

But a high-sided or covered litter box will make a difference. So, consider changing.

6. Invest in a Cat Litter Mat

Cat using a cat litter mat

Cat litter mats are a cheap and easy way to stop cat litter from getting everywhere.

They work in different ways but they’re all designed to dislodge litter from your cat’s paws. 

Put it where your cat hops out of their litter tray and it’ll knock the litter off their feet. Then all you need to do is clean the mat every so often instead of cleaning the entire house.

The best cat litter mats not only trap litter, they’re also easy to clean.

7. Put Your Cat’s Litter Box in an Enclosure

Cat using a cat litter enclosure

The best cat litter enclosures not only hide litter boxes. They also contain tracked litter inside so it doesn’t get everywhere.

There are lots of types of litter box enclosures, many of which look fantastic. Functional furniture that’s made to work with your existing decor.


Cats tracking their cat litter everywhere is a big problem for millions of cat owners.

That said, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of litter that finds its way around your house.

A single change like changing the type of litter box will make a difference. However, a combination of changes will make a huge difference.

And they don’t have to cost much money either!

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